Prayer for Prosperity

Father Mother God, Source of All That Is, Author of the Divine,   You are my Infinite Supply. . Those who pay me are Your Messengers and all income is part of Your Message of Eternal Love. . . I receive an abundance of exactly what I need now. Thank you!  I AM paying attention! … Continue reading

Anger – An Insistent Call to Healing

God and man were one; but . . . through carnal thoughts and words and deeds, man tore himself away from God; debased himself. . . . the Holy Breath would make them one again, re­storing harmony and peace; . . . naught can make them one but love; . . . The only Savior … Continue reading

All things are possible, BUT. . .

that does not mean we can make happen any thing we desire.  God’s Will is Love and always for the greater good of all His Children.  The “greater good of all” comprises a complex plan in constant flux, responsive to infinite twists and turns from countless free will actions.  Think of it as a huge … Continue reading

Everyday Mastery: Master Every Day

Mastery need not be as esoteric as the word itself conjures, but mastery IS grand. To use the word “mastery” in relation to our lives is not egotistical. Rather, mastery is a way of maintaining balance and spiritual center as we walk through this illusion we call life. It is about keeping contact with our … Continue reading

Forgiveness: The Post Office Delivers

I got more than just stamps at the post office today. I got healing. I was given Love Forever. Does that surprise you? Please read on. I stood in line to buy stamps, rather than buy them from the machine, because I had another little piece of business with the post office. Nine months prior … Continue reading

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