Through the Looking Glass: Healing Loss, COVID Edition (CE)

Through the Looking Glass

Two slo-mo seconds in November 2019. An otherworldly feeling. I entered the moment the mirror fell. I was high on a rearranging rampage, so the calm was strange. The outcome was clear and I was well aware I couldn’t afford to replace it. The mess would take hours to clean up. I couldn’t stop it, and if I tried its weight would seriously injure my arm. So, I surrendered to the wonder.

I knew the broken mirror was both symbolic and an omen but wasn’t privy to the details. I assumed it was personal. Since I’m recovering from chronic Lyme disease, it seemed to be a signal that my ailing was done and I was moving forward with more peace, compassion and patience. I do have more peace and compassion a year later, but my patience is frayed. Within two months of the mirror crash my health was headed downhill again with a Bartonella reinfection and Lyme resurgence. And COVID-19 was crashing the world consciousness.

I bought the mirror with my bedroom set some 30 years ago as a first-time homeowner. Things I’d have to pay someone to move represented a decisive step into adult life and optimism for my future. A lot of changes passed before that mirror, and as an introspective person I was aware of that, too. Now the big reflector was sprayed around my bedroom/office/creative sanctuary in great and miniscule shards. I had to fetch help to right the heavy backboard before I could commence cleaning.

Breaking a mirror is a strong symbol for changing one’s way of being in the world. Here, a mirror is a rational reflector of form, of what is. A broken mirror interrupts whatever it was used for, whether positive, negative or neutral. So it limits preening on the basis of appearances—not only physical characteristics of body, but also the trappings of status, wealth and notoriety. But a broken mirror also curbs self-judgment on these scales—perhaps all scales. When it shatters self-consciousness, we’re freed to manifest the best and worst of our impulses.

A broken mirror interrupts whatever it was used for, whether positive, negative or neutral.

This broken mirror in my home cast its shadow in both personal and professional spheres. It remains a personal sign of leaving my “sick” self to reconnect with a wiser, more well self. It shatters any self-judgments I might harbor around having become sick. It reflects a release of over-concern about appearance that can accompany aging. I am not a body, after all. I am free. But in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the significance of this broken mirror is transmitted to every soul group to which I belong, from Americans to Westerners to aboriginals to Tibetans, from women to Baby Boomers to people in recovery to introverts to free-thinkers, from ministers to creatives to healers to citizens of democracy to humankind.

Sound Familiar?

Clean-up involved critical safety measures: keeping the cat away (distancing a bored cat that does not understand the nature of broken glass in an open floor plan), PPE (gloves, goggles, shields), packaging the broken glass for safe discard, carefully prying and breaking the mirror with a hammer to remove the parts glued to the backboard, and vacuuming tiny glass bits from all their miraculous landing spots.

Then there was research into replacement mirrors and how to attach them to the backboard, as well as better supports to attach the mirror assembly to the dresser (which should have been done 30 years ago, and I was responsible). All this took place in the between spaces of my life; the replacement was still not reinstalled when the novel coronavirus spiked onto our receptors in January.

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Mirror says:


There is light!

Image is powerful,

but it’s not Reality.

The new mirror isn’t a clone of the old one, it’s better. Suggestive of a full moon illuminating darkness, to look at it (or see my legs in it) brings me joy. This mirror I chose rises from the floor against the one wall where it fits, reminding me of its personal and collective significance. COVID-19 has broken our expensive vintage mirror. Recovery requires our concerted effort over time. It’s inconvenient. And, the replacement we choose can be beautiful.


The mirror reflects more. In the United States alone we are counting our COVID dead in the hundreds of thousands as the worldwide toll exceeds a million. Meanwhile the virus surges again in Europe and at home. By and large, those who succumb to COVID-19 die the way many fear most—alone. Even though it’s outside of their control, loved ones carry that additional burden with their grief. The coronavirus context is about how we USE the mirror, not what a mirror is. Will we continue to choose to use the mirror to inflate our self-importance, reflect conflict and magnify our differences?

Exploring symbolic significance, it’s also important to recognize what a mirror doesn’t reflect. Undercurrents, backstory, the heart, the soul—none are seen in a looking glass. As a culture we’ve put so much of our energy into images and the pursuit of winning. But for vibrant whole health and longevity, we’d do better to shift more energy into letting go of appearances and learning how to prosper even when it appears we haven’t won. Everyone wins when we relinquish the struggle.

There’s far more at work in our world than meets the eye. Messages from the Holy Spirit in various forms (including a broken mirror) help us navigate if we’re willing to perceive them. Look for positive, loving, uplifting, win-win, non-violent meaning. Which doesn’t guarantee that implementation is easy.

Any loss is a message to heal that within us that perpetuates loss and makes it so painful. The losses of a global pandemic magnify the message, emphasizing this work remains to be done.

Ahead I’ll be sharing new introductions to chapters from Healing Loss: Choose Love Now in light of COVID-19. There will also be free tools like Music for the Healing Journey you can use—even when quarantined—for the losses (and stresses) in your life.

Letting Go of Our Story
(after wringing every drop of healing from it)

Spiritual Issue


Support and Service




Anger and Forgiveness

Past and Future

Emotional Healing Work

Mental Healing Work







Choose Happiness

Make Amends and Let Go



Help Is Near

Let not your heart be troubled:
believe in God, believe also in me.

John 14:1, The Bible, American Standard Version

Healing is in our one mind, where God left it for the moments we’re ready. Truth is alive within God’s Creation. In truth, the children of God will withstand anything. Like our Creator we are eternal. Pandemics shall pass. But we have an opportunity to create a silver lining—to choose to align with our Nature now to create a better world.

I need not wait an instant more to be at peace forever.
It is You [God] I choose, and my Identity along with You.

A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 355

When we’re not plunged neck-deep in the struggle to survive, the pandemic beckons us to opportunity: to learn to be more inner-directed, receptive, open-hearted and quiet of mind.

In the long view, evil is simply Lovelessness. It is not victorious because it opposes the Supreme Will of our Creator. It’s inherently weak. Furthermore, the idea of “not-Love” is incompatible with humanity’s God-given Nature. We can play at “not-Love” because we have free will. We’ve passed down a load of “not-Love” to our heirs. We’ve been lost in it. But we can never become it. Humankind’s new mirror can reflect us more beautifully through our clearer awareness and compassionate choices.

C         compassion over competition

O         oneness instead of “otherizing”

V         vision over viewpoint

I           integrity over “I” “me” “my”

D         discernment instead of divisiveness

1          number of God’s beloved children

9          Amen. And so it is.

Love over fear. Let us choose Love now.

With Peace and Love,


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