Prayer for Comfort Amidst Loss

A prayer of surrender gently opens the way to new understandings, which offer the soul a path to healing. We are not condemned to labor uphill daily only to tumble down again each night. So much pain comes from perceiving our losses only through the lens of our personal world. While it’s vital to acknowledge personal losses through grief, healing hastens when we broaden our perspective to include the soul’s journey. Here’s one example:


Healing is a string of

well-focused moments.

When I as a person lose my source of income, the personal, worldly viewpoint notices new vulnerabilities and sets off alarms urging me to focus on what could happen next. How will I pay my bills? What about my dependents? What about my professional standing? How long can I make it? Is assistance available for me? What will happen to x, y and z? What else can I make money doing? Does new training make sense? If so, how would I get it? And on and on. These are important considerations that need to be addressed, but when loss morphs into being a gift at this level it’s still superficial. Well-deserving of our gratitude, yes, but restoring losses that frighten us is not the final destination in healing loss.


There is deep meaning and opportunity in healing loss at the soul level. When the personality has disconnected from its source of income, the soul recognizes opportunity. Maybe the personality has been married to a job for convenience and/or financial security and/or emotional comfort. The loss may have created an exit door the personality wasn’t yet willing to open, even though the time had come. Maybe the personality mistakes resources for The Source, and the soul knows a period of financial hardship offers the most straightforward path for resetting this misperception. Maybe the soul has karma to meet that such a loss can balance.

Or maybe many other possibilities. We receive the information we need about ourselves when we let go of the notion that we already know everything and instead choose a receptive state.

A prayer for pandemic times.


Breath is a built-in power tool for holistic health maintenance, available at any time. Deep, slow breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system—the “rest and digest” branch. Rest is a naturally receptive state. A cat, dog or child at rest is a picture of natural restoration through breath. In order to have this benefit in the modern world, we may have to consciously choose deep, slow breath. Even more so in times of loss, when grief and anxiety are so near.


Many spiritual traditions know the power of prayer. Prayer spoken out loud is not only psychologically powerful, it vibrates throughout the body of the speaker (like a stereo speaker), especially in the head area where the three spiritual chakras (throat, third eye and crown) and their associated endocrine glands (thyroid/parathyroid, pituitary and pineal) reside.

It is powerful to bring our grief to prayer, ask for Divine help and breathe to prepare the mind and heart to receive:

I don’t know what this trouble is for.

I am willing to see this trouble differently.

based on lessons from A Course In Miracles

Healing is a string of well-focused moments. When we process our losses through both the personal and soul perspectives, we receive the gifts of healing. Combining breath and prayer is a powerful spiritual practice that sets the stage for healing to manifest.

May you receive a clearer personal and soul perspective.

May you receive the holistic healing of breath and prayer.

May your mind and heart expand.

With Peace and Love,


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