Living in the LymeLight: Discernment and Intuition Part 1

Discernment and Intuition Part 1

What comes first—intuition or discernment? Intuition can stand alone, when we simply know something independent of conscious reasoning. A feeling of surety, passion and/or calm may accompany intuition. But intuition can also be the mortar that holds together a fortress of discernment. It can make a pile of data bigger than the sum of the parts.


I Spy With My Little Eye
To discern is to perceive, recognize or distinguish something with human senses. Discernment is a scientist. Becoming ill from stealth microbe overgrowth is a summons to grow a pair of avocados and discern like a brain surgeon. If you want your health back.

If you have the financial means, you can hire a Lyme-literate doctor to discern a great deal for you. But don’t count on it being covered by your health plan. And, unfortunately, the advice is not always the best. The good news: humanity is being called to own its decision-making anyway. If you’re a citizen of Lymieland, you’re on the VIP list to help build the new mold.

My most significant discernments regarding my illness, based on study and observation:

  • I was sick, not just old.
  • Fixing my diet was not enough to make me well.
  • Lyme disease tied my seemingly unrelated symptoms together.
  • I could have Lyme without seeing a tick or having the BS—er, bull’s-eye rash. (Only a third of people with Lyme have a bull’s-eye rash, but many doctors and numerous articles make this kind of rash definitive.)
  • Conventional diagnostic criteria for Lyme disease are too narrow.
  • In all likelihood I had Lyme disease and it was already six years chronic.
  • I would need a Lyme-literate physician to diagnose me, but Western blot testing results in 30-50% false negatives, depending on whose analysis you read.
  • Even though I had Lyme disease and a clinical diagnosis (a doctor’s judgment based on symptoms and history), I might not get a formal diagnosis. In other words, a doctor might not write the code for Lyme disease on my paperwork. This is where I am diagnostically. It comes with implications.
  • Doctors are putting their careers at risk by treating chronic Lyme disease.
  • Many Lyme-literate physicians treat primarily with antibiotics.
  • Antibiotics rarely bring lasting healing for chronic Lyme, but they can make chronic Lymies sicker by further destroying the immune system.
  • I don’t need a laboratory test result to prove I have chronic Lyme. Once I know enough about the disease, intuition assures me I have it.
  • Insurance isn’t going to pay for chronic Lyme treatment anyway.
  • Herbs are a safe and effective long-term treatment for chronic Lyme disease.
  • I can safely treat myself for chronic Lyme with herbal therapy without becoming an herbalist.
  • Herbal therapy can be simple when you buy a good core protocol from an ethical, knowledgeable source whose motivation is to spread healing.
  • I can get my pain under control with herbs.
  • I can calm my anxiety with herbs.
  • I can modify my behavior to feel more energetic and less sick.
  • When I’m well enough, I can increase my energy with herbs.
  • With patience and persistence, I can get well from chronic Lyme.

Inoculated with another dose of Bartonella, I can feel disease trying to gain the upper hand in my body. But because my immune system has healed and I’m already taking the right herbs, it doesn’t overwhelm me. Thankfully I’m nowhere near as uncomfortable as I’ve been in the past.


Photo by Alison Jones

From the Heavens and the Depths
Life is far more grand than fact and measure. Our experience on the surface is driven by underlying spiritual choreography. Often hidden from our awareness, the dance of spirit twirls us ever closer to clear sight, expansive love and the peace that passes all understanding. The dance of spirit dips us into opportunities to develop clearer sight, expand our love and tune into peace. Opportunities often present as life’s ordinary challenges, including illness. Especially chronic illness.

The Lab
Discernment lives in the world of duality, where every action provokes an equal and opposite reaction. Often called the “real world,” this is the realm of karma and survival of the fittest as well as science and reason. While humanity may seem to have both feet firmly planted here, in truth we’re also always connected to the heavenly realm.

Love Field
Intuition flows from the winged foot of humanity planted in the Real world of God’s Creation, the eternal realm of Peace and Oneness. Intuition speaks through the channel known as the Holy Spirit. Historical characterizations include angels, Mercury and Hermes. Humanity chooses whether or not to listen.

In the context of illness, opportunities for discernment and intuition generally arise on two levels:

Physical – all things treatment and body related.
Soul – the spiritual journey of the soul.

The physical, practical side of illness demands attention and must be addressed. This includes treatments of all kinds and lifestyle changes. Most of us deal with healing only on this level. With consuming symptoms like pain, fatigue and brain fog, it may not be feasible to focus on anything but practical matters until these are at least somewhat under control.

But to experience profound healing, the soul’s journey must also receive our attention. Soul is the causal level, even more basic than energy. We can start by asking questions in a relaxed and open state of mind.

For what purpose might I be having this particular experience?

What can be learned from it?

What does it nudge me to do that I wasn’t doing otherwise?

What does it nudge me to see?

What feelings arise?

How might it open and expand me?

How have I improved thanks to the experience?

Answering these kinds of questions will exercise both discernment and intuition because the journey of each soul is unique. Even with the same illness, our answers may be miles apart.

For example, I intuit that one reason I’m experiencing a chronic fatiguing illness is to gain comfort in not doing. Before I was a doer. I still am, but I can no longer “do” nonstop through my waking hours. I can fight that and make it a source of discomfort, or I can relax into it and open to what this new path of less doing has to offer. Most of the time I choose to relax and open to not doing. Through this choice, I actually enhance my ability to do!

Another person might experience a chronic fatiguing illness to gain comfort in being cared for. Another might experience the same illness to gain comfort with discomfort. Another might have the experience primarily for the soul journey of their caretakers, as a volunteer to play a part. And for another the illness may have karmic origins.

What does your experience of your illness offer the soul on the spiritual journey? What comes to mind? What arrives on wings with the zing of truth?

Posing these kinds of questions with meditative curiosity expands the experience of illness far beyond suffering and loss. Inquiry transforms illness into opportunity.

What if, on a soul level, I signed up for chronic Lyme disease to help humanity categorically reject biological weaponry? This idea gives me comfort through all the uncertainties.

As unusual as it may sound, practicing discernment and intuition on the soul level may be easier than on the physical. In the material world, especially the world of modern medicine, to discern rather than accept convention and intuit rather than offer proof is to buck deeply ingrained beliefs, esteemed people and powerful institutions.

healing-loss-small-cover-outlined-e1495905246179.jpgWith Peace and Love,

Mira Carroll

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Next up:  Discernment and Intuition Part 2

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Living in the LymeLight Series
There’s more to healing than the physical. In this series I share ten body/mind/spirit practices to help us live in the LymeLight, from stealthy back to healthy. Each will be posted separately.

  • Allow
  • Pace
  • Load
  • Paradox and Spirit
  • Gratitude
  • Balance
  • Movement and Exercise
  • Discernment and Intuition
  • States of Mind and Emotion
  • Responsibility and Power
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  1. Elaine Mays says:

    The deep dive you take into yourself is amazing. So beautifully written. Like reading poetry. Thank you for your post.

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