COVID-19 Symbolism

COVID-19 Symbolism

I am both a detail and big-picture person. The more upsetting the “now,” the more helpful it is to pull back and perceive from a greater distance. Deeper meaning is revealed in the long view. Here’s what I’m seeing so far.

Coronavirus can be a clarifying influence for humanity if we will allow it. In the United States (and many other countries) we’re shutting down the economy to protect the public health. For a moment looking beyond all the pain of these effects on top of the pain of the sickness, we can discern depth. What are the implications regarding the nature of our economy, the state of our health and the cultural framework that supports them?

No one and nothing is immune.
We’re puzzling over the fact that in the west, even people under 50 are developing serious COVID-19 illness. Possible causes include our food supply, dietary choices, habits and lifestyle. The scope of the deeper meaning includes how we grow and process our food, what we believe is good to eat as well as what we choose to eat, and everything about how we work and live at a relentless pace.

We are almost universally and literally stopped in our tracks to re-evaluate.

We’re required to isolate, which serves up the potential for quiet.

Lack of clear, decisive, accurate leadership invites us to turn inward for answers.
If that isn’t motivation enough, add the spin, lies and saying of one thing while doing another. When the external voices can’t be believed, the inner teacher beckons.

Alone together each of us peers into the abyss.
The abyss is both universal and personal: whatever worldly thing we value is threatened.

In quiet we can hear the Holy Spirit, the Voice for Love.
The Voice whispers of ethics, compassion, priorities, equity and forgiveness.

We are at war with the virus.
Our inner battles are with greed, narcissism, selfishness and other manifestations of the small self. These have been likened to a computer virus that locks up programs, rendering them non-functional. The healing correction occurs at both the individual and societal levels.

Fresh Air

We can choose to fill our lungs with fresh air through the COVID-19 mask. We can pass all decisions through the COVID-19 filter—the wise inner teacher. Let us receive coronavirus’ symbolic message as therapy for life.


Photo by Alison Jones

C compassion

O oneness

V vision

I integrity

D discernment

1 alpha, omega,
beginning and end.

9 Amen.

With Peace and Love,

Mira Carroll

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