Living in the LymeLight: Bitten by Kris Newby

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There’s more to healing than the physical. In this series I share ten body/mind/spirit practices to help us live in the LymeLight, from stealthy back to healthy. Each will be posted separately during the holiday season.

  • Allow
  • Pace
  • Load
  • Paradox and Spirit
  • Gratitude
  • Balance
  • Movement and Exercise
  • Discernment and Intuition
  • States of Mind and Emotion
  • Responsibility and Power


Truth matters.

I read with deep appreciation Kris Newby’s meticulously researched and documented book Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons. It’s chock full of quotables; here are two:

Toward the end of my investigation, I reexamined the history of Lyme disease through the eyes of an arson investigator, standing knee-deep in the ashes of the bioweapons program. The first thing I noticed was that the outbreak began earlier than most people realized, in the late 1960s, when the military was conducting many open-air tests of aerosolized bacteria and aggressive lone star ticks.

Newby, Kris. Bitten (p. 218). Harper Wave. Kindle Edition.

It is now clear that Borrelia burgdorferi can persist within the nervous system for years, causing progressive illness, and increasing evidence suggests also that the spirochete can remain latent there for years before producing clinical symptoms.
—Willy Burgdorfer, “The Brain Involvement in Lyme Disease” (unpublished)

Newby, Kris. Bitten (p. 203). Harper Wave. Kindle Edition.

If you’re sick with chronic Lyme disease, I recommend you focus first on your own healing. The information about Lyme disease that rings most true is disturbing, disheartening and maddening. It is difficult to behold so much suffering and—frankly—stupidity. The controversy is fierce, and there has been a concerted effort to control the story and discredit those who suffer from chronic Lyme, chronic fatigue syndrome and Gulf War syndrome. Some doctors have been forced out of practice for trying to help because their treatments don’t conform to the Lyme cover story. Researchers have been targeted. I have even read a credible story about a research coverup involving murder and attempted murder. For all these reasons, until we’re strong enough to handle it, immersion in the so-called Lyme Wars can be detrimental to recovery. The truth is heavy enough to fatigue a healthy person.

Rebalance from Upsetting Thoughts with Energy Medicine

  1. Let one hand cradle your forehead and the other cradle your occiput (the back of the head just above the neck).
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep, easy breaths.
  3. Continue until you feel better.

Thank you again, Donna Eden!

Recovery first.

The rest, as you’re able, as long as it’s not dragging you backward.

This is a tall order.

healing-loss-small-cover-outlined-e1495905246179.jpgWith Peace and Love,

Mira Carroll

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Next up:  Discernment and Intuition

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