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There’s more to healing than the physical. In this series I share ten body/mind/spirit practices to help us live in the LymeLight, from stealthy back to healthy. Each will be posted separately during the holiday season.

  • Allow
  • Pace
  • Load
  • Paradox and Spirit
  • Gratitude
  • Balance
  • Movement and Exercise
  • Discernment and Intuition
  • States of Mind and Emotion
  • Responsibility and Power



Photo by Alison Jones

People in touch with gratitude are happier, healthier and less stressed. Gratitude is universal good manners. If you wouldn’t consciously let someone serve you without a “thank you,” practicing gratitude is easy. Just thank the Universe for the good delivered. Not each and every detail—we don’t have to engage in tedium to be thankful. But cultivate the habit of noticing goodness and feeling grateful that it’s been bestowed.

The human brain is alarmist—it’s wired to notice what’s wrong. But we can override this survival feature and choose to also notice what is helpful, right, better and good.

At my sickest, my brain was a stopped-up sewer. Day and night my body moaned that life itself is too much. How I wasn’t depressed would be a mystery, but for the grace of God. My vehicle was miserable, but I was not. We are more than misery. Each day I wondered how much longer I’d be able to keep it together. And each day I countered this inherent pessimism by remembering in Whose Image I was created.

Divine Inheritance

The paradox (or duality) between what seems to be and our Divine Inheritance is the human condition. Until resolved, it’s our calling to continually choose between our True Identity as spirit and the hungry, world-fascinated small (ego) self. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t honor physical needs or have preferences about the material world. I prefer to be vibrant and exceptionally healthy, thank you! But when I’m not, my spirit isn’t crushed. With gratitude, I choose the spirit of my Divine Inheritance, which remains untouched.

Don’t save gratitude only for the big stuff. Any little thing can be gilded with gratitude. The sun rises or sets. The temperature rises or falls. A good laugh. A meal. A hot shower and clean clothes. A sleeping cat. Work, then rest. A bill paid. Freedom to choose. Gratitude balances discouragement and exercises faith muscles that could be wasting.

Still, an awareness of the larger truth can balance a host of little fears.

I am sustained by the Love of God.
(A Course in Miracles, Workbook Lesson 50)

A Happy Dream

I also deeply appreciate the nurturing context in which I recover. Even on the worst of days I have a safe, quiet, comfortable apartment with a built-in exercise staircase. Air conditioning and heat. Privacy. A decent bed. Internet, books, music and TV. A keyboard with excellent sound. Two cats I adore. A schedule I can control. Family and friends who support me and don’t doubt my illness. An illness for which a great deal of helpful information is available online. A health insurance policy that gives me access to conventional Western medicine for side effects.


I’m grateful to be recovering from nervous system overload—where it seemed my head couldn’t hold one more thing. This muffle mind was perfectly congruent with a body that couldn’t follow through because it was running on fumes. When I’d been taking herbs for nine months the overload/shut-down warning began to shift. I felt the capacity to take on something new (besides Lyme disease research) and began to offer warm Himalayan salt stone massage. I already knew how to work with warm stones but needed to experiment to learn how to best use my apparatus with my salt stones. It was a turning point. The ability to welcome and adapt to newness is a pillar of being alive.

Clarity of mind is a joy today! A body not complaining about every effort beckons me to peace.

My gratitude list is not complete until I thank Gaia, her life-restoring herbs, a long list of healers—notable among them, Stephen Harrod Buhner, and the many people who bring clean, high-vibration herbal therapy to the wide market: healer Dr. Bill Rawls, the Vital Plan team and their suppliers.

Felt Sense

Generate a feeling of thanks, allowing it to spread through your body as you take your herbs or other treatment. You might thank some aspect of how the treatment came to be: the plants, the sun, water, Mother Earth, God, the doctor or friend who suggested them, the researcher, the manufacturer, the delivery person. Let your whole being feel gratitude to someone or something.

If you don’t feel grateful for herbs today, what good can you appreciate?

Let that thing ripple through you like a grin. May gratitude lift you into recovery.

healing-loss-small-cover-outlined-e1495905246179.jpgWith Peace and Love,

Mira Carroll

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Next up:  Balance

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