Healing Loss: Election Edition

Imagine that you’ve lived your life in the seat of democracy, a shining beacon of ideals, progressive values and freedom that literally draws the world. And picture a slow-motion carnival of the absurd and outrageous, a grainy side show culminating in a presidential election with breath-taking results. Not only does the popular-vote-candidate-by-a-landslide not win, but an apparently bigoted, narcissistic, truth-phobic, groping buffoon who cheats people becomes seated in the most powerful office in the land—arguably the world. It’s like a two-by-four awakening in a nightmare that simply triggers another nightmare, and it seems that you’ll be stuck in it a long, long time with your throbbing head.

What on earth is a dreamer to do?

First, stop spinning the story for effect!  Let go of being the best predictor of catastrophe. Drop the adjectives trying to camouflage all the judgment and recognize that you do not understand what you see and do not know what it is for. Stop stuffing everything in your moldy molds and open your mind. Now open your heart. Breathe!  Relax.

Good!  Time to get real. You are responsible for what you see. Projection makes perception, remember? How do the characters of the mystery that has played out on the electoral stage reflect aspects of yourself that you judge and reject? Take it deep. How are you a bigot? A narcissist? A liar? A groper? A buffoon? (What, exactly, IS a “buffoon?”)  In which ways are you absurd and outrageous? A side show act? A cheat? A victim?

Trust that exploring these difficult questions will yield a big return, a return to your right mind. A return to peace, love and joy. As a bonus, you’ll be more aware of how your own behavior might be improved.

Take another deep breath and take it deeper still. The play symbolizes something for you. What is it? What, in this limited outcome that you see, seems lost? Is it your trust in the political process? Your trust in the press? Your trust in democracy? Your trust in the education system? Your trust in your society, your culture, your safety? Your trust in the magic of America? Your trust in others? Your trust in humanity?

Oh, wow. No wonder you feel so bad. Why, Beloved, are you placing your trust in these things of the world, all destined to crumble and fall away?

There is another way. Place your trust where trust belongs. Trust in God and Its eternal creation. Trust that Love prevails, despite fluctuating appearances. Anchor yourself to that. Focus on expressing the truths of peace, love and joy in all aspects of your life, whatever your circumstances. Be vigilant about gratitude. Keep on keepin’ on. Heal this loss within so that wholeness may manifest in the world around you.

Here are the touchstones from my book, Healing Loss: Choose Love Now, which draw from the spiritual principles set forth in A Course in Miracles (ACIM).


Touchstones for Healing Loss – Election Edition

Concepts and Practices to Choose Love Now

Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss. (ACIM Workbook Lesson 249)

  1. Spiritual Issue – I am spirit. (Lesson 97)
  1. Responsibility – I forgive everything because I make the world as I would have it. (Lesson 188)
  1. Support and Service – God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day. (Lesson 49)
  1. Pray – I call upon God’s Name and on my own. (Lesson 183)
  1. Meditate – In quiet I receive God’s Word today. (Lesson 125)
  1. Pain – Joy is just, and pain is but the sign you have misunderstood yourself. (Lesson 101)
  1. Anger and Forgiveness – Let me remember I am one with God, at one with all my brothers and my Self, in everlasting holiness and peace. (Lesson 124)
  1. Past and Future – I loose the world from all I thought it was. (Lesson 132)
  1. Emotional Healing Work – I am as God created me. I am God’s Son. Today I lay aside all sick illusions of myself, and let my Father tell me Who I really am. (Lesson 120)
  1. Mental Healing Work – I am determined to see things differently. (Lesson 21)
  1. Pause – I will step back and let Him lead the way. (Lesson 155)
  1. Refill – I am as God created me. I will remain forever as I was, created by the Changeless like Himself. And I am one with Him, and He with me. (Lesson 112)
  1. Balance – Balance is the sustenance of peace.
  1. Comfort – You do not walk alone. God’s angels hover near and all about. His Love surrounds you, and of this be sure; that I will never leave you comfortless. (Workbook Epilogue)
  1. Peace – I could see peace instead of this. (Lesson 34)
  1. Beauty – Out of your joy, you will create beauty in His Name. . . (Text, Chapter 11:III.3-4)
  1. Choose Happiness – I share God’s Will for happiness for me, and I accept it as my function now. (Lesson 102)
  1. Make Amends and Let Go – I am not a body. I am free. (Lesson 199)
  1. Process – All things are lessons God would have me learn. (Lesson 193)
  1. Trust – I give my life to God to guide today. (Lesson 233)

Disclosure: the election touchstones are the same as the “regular” touchstones. Truth is true, and the pathways for choosing love now remain the same. Whether you need to “loose the world” from what you thought it was or make amends for your behavior (or someone else’s) and let go, give your life back to the Love that created you. Step back and let God lead the way. Forgive like no one is watching. Learn your lessons. Nurture yourself and others. Pray. Meditate. Commune with quiet. You can see peace, and when you do, you will happily create beauty in His Name.

With Peace, Love and Joy,

Mira Carroll

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  1. Lynne Matous says:

    Beautiful, uplifting, helpful, healing — lighting the way Home to Peace, Love.

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