Open Heart Creativity

The magnificence of God’s extension lies within each of us, ready to manifest. Our only real choice is whether to allow it or block it. We begin to allow when we ask that the Will of Love be made manifest through us. But the day-to-day, moment-by-moment “choice switch” is at the heart. With open hearts, we are allowing. When our hearts are closed, we are surely blocking.

How do we keep our hearts open? Ultimately through the practice of complete forgiveness. But there are many actions that open our hearts—petting a dog or cat, watching a lizard sun itself, taking a few deep, cleansing breaths, dancing to a great song, smiling at a baby or appreciating any of nature’s many gifts, to name a paltry few. Consider acts like these to be exercise for the “open heart muscle”—important, health-affirming exercise.

Stuck in a basement cubicle under fluorescent lights with no heart-opening inspiration in sight?

You Hold the Key to Your Heart

Use your imagination to place a round flywheel over your heart chakra and open it. (Lefty loosey, righty tighty.) Check in often—especially if you’re feeling tense or upset. Ask yourself, is my heart open or closed right now? If it’s closed, how can I open it?

Is your heart closed by heartbreak, trauma or the “need for speed”? Here are some tools to use any time to help soothe and rebalance the traumatized brain and nervous system from Peter Levine, Ph.D., through my interpretive lens.

Self-Care to Feel Safe and Sound

For self-soothing and feeling safe—to create an island of safety after trauma, or any time you wish to calm yourself and reconnect with an open heart:

Re-establish Body Boundaries After Trauma or Feeling “Out of Body” (optional):
Gently tap or squeeze your muscles (self-administered) all over the body.

Self Heart Hug:

  • Right hand high under left arm, palm holding side, arm crossing heart,
  • Left hand crossing over to right shoulder.
  • Breathe.
  • Settle into the container of your body as you cradle your heart.

Mind—Heart—Body Connection:

  • Palms down, one hand on forehead, the other on high heart, eyes open or closed.
  • Breathe. Wait for some shift or sensation of energy from the hands.
  • Then move forehead hand down to the belly.
  • Breathe.
  • Invite God into all the cells of your being as you inhale.
  • Relax and let go as you exhale.

Many other practices serve to keep the seven major chakras open and functioning efficiently. All seven will be needed to fully manifest our unique soul’s purpose as God’s extension on Earth. But an open heart is key.

I have opened my heart to writing the novel that’s been simmering inside me for more than a year. So it’s likely I’ll neglect Miracarroll, this article archive. I’ll surely be back someday. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll find the articles from the past three years helpful.

May you be gentle with yourself and richly blessed, heart wide open.

With Peace, Love and Joy,
Mira Carroll

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2 Responses to “Open Heart Creativity”
  1. lovelimess says:

    My therapist makes me do that. It’s funny the first few times.
    Thanks for the tips.

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