Mary Magdalene’s Got Bounce

Let Them Hear Sally Richard 791x1024

Let Them Hear by Sally Richard

My favorite aspect of the archetype of Mary Magdalene is her embodiment of redemption transformed into the Divine Feminine. No matter where we started (even being a “lowly woman”) or where we’ve gone, the claiming of our Divine nature and purpose is possible. Oh how high we can bounce! We can mature spiritually and express Love in the earth plane in many ways as we assist others and ourselves in healing.

Mary Magdalene shows us the potential of our lives as the Children of God. So did Jesus. But for most of us in the 2000 years since they lived, the example of Mary Magdalene feels attainable while that of Jesus does not. Secure in self-worth, Mary Magdalene lays her beautiful flowing hair down on the ground as a stepping stone for us to walk upon toward the full realization of our inherent Christ Consciousness. Words fall far short of the depth of my gratitude, but I will offer them. Thank you, Mary.

My dear friend, the artist Sally Richard, took third place in the Re-IMAGE-ing Mary Magdalene Art Show put on by Brigid’s Place in Houston. She started her artistic journey with Mary with this prayer:

Come to me, My Sister
Speak to me of my deepest longing
My heart is open to hear
Grant me Peace within my body, within my mind
Bring my Light from the darkness and TO the darkness
Show me the Royal Priestess that I AM
In Gratitude, Sally 4-23-15

Read more about Sally’s experience of Mary Magdalene here:

Four years ago Sally and I stood together on an ancient stone arch bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and she shared her dream of becoming an artist. Her talent, study, elbow grease, persistence and prayerful, conscious co-creation bridged this timeless desire to express beauty in this world NOW. And what a result! Mastery–well done!

With Peace, Love and Joy,
Mira Carroll

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