A Lightworker’s Pledge

I’ve seen good, well-meaning people engrossed in worldly matters,
looking away from seemingly difficult truths (I’ve done the same myself),
but now I choose to follow the inner, spiritual voice—
Source—God’s Voice—the Holy Spirit—the Voice for Love!

I place my attention on what is true—what The Creator Extended in Creation.

I choose a higher course. Graphic Lightworkers Pledge
I step aside from self-centered motivation and fleeting desire.
I view life from an expanded, spiritual perspective
and build my life from this solid foundation.

I clear my mind instead of only busying it with worldly matters
so I am able to hear the celestial muse and take direction from Source.

“Cause”—how and why things happen—is intentional.
Everything is unfolding perfectly as part of God’s Plan for our reawakening.
Ego events from the small will are made subservient to this Plan by God.

Lightworkers, the time is now!
Answer with your readiness to hear the Holy Spirit’s messages and follow direction.

I surrender my life to God’s Purpose.
I will go where I am led and do what is asked of me—
even if it is outside of my comfort zone—
WHILE I allow my heart’s desires to guide me to service without sacrifice.

The gifts of Spirit are for all of us, with no end,
and can be accessed under any circumstance.

I do not insulate myself with the ego, relying only on its interpretations and guidance.
I do not retreat from others or the world.
I participate in life with God by doing what I am called to do,
according to the loving guidance I receive.

The time is now and I am ready.
I hear the Holy Spirit’s messages, which direct my actions.
And this is reason to DANCE!

Your Move/I’ve Seen All Good People by Yes, 1971 – words and music by Jon Anderson


Are you in?

With Peace, Love and Joy,
Mira Carroll

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