God’s Voice Speaks to Me All Through the Day

I was raised amidst the rationalist attitude that if you think God is speaking to you, you’re probably crazy—as in mentally ill. This narrow view (along with a few other factors) shielded me from hearing God’s Voice for many years, and set me up to assume that God’s messages to us are more general and metaphorical, not specific and literal. I could allow that God constantly sends messages of peace and love, but had a harder time accepting that God offers specific direction about how to handle our lives. Today I live in a more nurturing reality where the Voice for God liberally offers both.

God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.

(A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Workbook Lesson 49)

Here’s one way I’ve heard God’s Voice:

Riding on a Railroad by James Taylor from Mud Slide Slim, 1971


When we have ears to hear, God does indeed speak to us in our daily lives through many sources and media—through our relationships and experiences, directly through our personal intuition and inspiration, and through the inspirations of performers, artists and writers. God is hardly silent or remote; God is most certainly reachable. The issue is are we listening?

Listen—perhaps you catch a hint of an ancient state not quite forgotten;
dim, perhaps, and yet not altogether unfamiliar,
like a song whose name is long forgotten,
and the circumstances in which you heard completely unremembered.
Not the whole song has stayed with you, but just a little wisp of melody,
attached not to a person or a place or anything particular.
But you remember from just this little part, how lovely was the song,
how wonderful the setting where you heard it,
and how you loved those who were there and listened with you.

(ACIM Text Chapter 21, Reason and Perception, I. “The Forgotten Song”)

God’s Voice speaks to all of us all through the day because we are a part of God (thus God is within and all around us) and God Wills for us to be happy. As long as we are asleep in the dream of separation, we are in need of messages from God to lead us back to happiness—back to the knowledge of the “place we never left.” God Speaks to us through the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God, which He Created to bring our awareness back home with Him.

The Holy Spirit – The Expression of the Force of Good
The Holy Spirit is a force, like gravity. It is always present, in everything, affecting all sentient beings. Having been given free will to create in the manner of God, we can choose whether or not to listen to the counsel of peace the Holy Spirit constantly whispers. When we listen and choose accordingly, the Holy Spirit actually expresses through us. The Holy Spirit expresses through any soul that chooses to align itself with Love, moment-by-moment. At times the choice may even be unconscious, at the level of soul. Thus the totality of God’s Servants of the Light or the Force of Good can be viewed as the expression of the Holy Spirit.

May the Force Be With You—Here, There and Everywhere
We can think of the Holy Spirit as a kind of Federation of the Servants of the Light—which we could call “The Force.” The Force/Holy Spirit may work through angels, ascended masters or any spirit (including human) that has surrendered itself to the service of God’s Will of Love. The Holy Spirit expresses anywhere and everywhere because it is present in all life, where God placed it. The Holy Spirit was created by God for the purpose of awakening His children experiencing the dream of the illusory “separation” from God and Heaven. God inserted Itself into the dream in the form of the Holy Spirit.

You Too?
Among humanity, which is confused and prone to changing identification from Love to fear and back and forth, an individual’s expression of the Holy Spirit is typically changeable. Sometimes we are expressing the Holy Spirit, and often not. Edgar Cayce said that there is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that none of us can judge each other. So expect the Holy Spirit to express from the least likely sources, as well as from those obviously on the higher spiritual paths. And because we don’t have to be perfect in order to be a vehicle for the Holy Spirit, the idea of “progress, not perfection” guides us well as we observe ourselves and others learning to choose identification with God.

The Gentle Tongue of Justice, Peace, Love, True Understanding and Forgiveness
The Holy Spirit speaks the gentle tongue of justice, peace, love, true understanding and forgiveness. ACIM differentiates justice from vengeance. Vengeance demands retribution for what we perceive as unforgiveable sins. Justice gently leads us away from our errors back to the reality of Love and the peace of Heaven. For the innocent Children of Love, the only justice is to experience the Truth in which we were created. To have anything less is unjust or unfair.

Be certain any answer to a problem the Holy Spirit solves
will always be one in which no one loses.
And this must be true, because He asks no sacrifice of anyone.
An answer which demands the slightest loss to anyone has not resolved the problem
but has added to it and made it greater, harder to resolve, and more unfair.
It is impossible the Holy Spirit could see unfairness as a resolution.
To Him, what is unfair must be corrected because it is unfair.
And every error is a perception in which one, at least, is seen unfairly.
Thus is justice not accorded to the Son of God.
When anyone is seen as losing, he has been condemned.
And punishment becomes his due instead of justice.

(ACIM Chapter 25, The Justice of God, IX. “The Justice of Heaven”)

The Holy Spirit whispers to all of us always. It is our beacon to reclaim and embody our true identity as the Children of the God of Love. The Holy Spirit’s Voice leads us to justice, peace, love, true understanding and forgiveness. Any actions suggested by the guidance of the Holy Spirit will ultimately lead to justice, peace, love, true understanding and forgiveness. That does not mean there might not be some fireworks along the way (the truth can hurt), nor does it mean that we are in charge of the timeline for the arrival of justice, peace, love, true understanding and forgiveness. But we need to keep firmly in mind that the Holy Spirit will never counsel us to say or do harmful things. If a voice in your head is directing you to berate, harm or kill yourself or others, it is NOT God’s Voice! Check in with your emotions. Are you feeling peace with the direction you are receiving?

God’s answer is some form of peace.

(ACIM Workbook Lesson 359)

The Multimedia Oneness of the Holy Spirit
God’s Voice speaks in many ways. It may be conscious or unconscious to the person/channel from which It is expressing. Those of us on the path of conscious spirituality are working to allow the Holy Spirit to express through us with conscious intent; to remove any barriers to Its expression. God’s Voice is present in many mediums—synchronicity, nature, music, the written word, art of all kinds and our interactions undertaken with loving intent, to name a few. It is present in the great spiritual works of all religions that value Love. It is often present in religious communications such as sermons, prayers and songs. Divination tools, used with loving intent, become vehicles for manifesting the Holy Spirit’s Voice. God’s Voice is potentially anywhere.

. . . while you think that part of you is separate,
the concept of a oneness joined as one is meaningless.
It is apparent that a mind so split could never be the teacher
of a Oneness which unites all things within itself.
And so What is within this mind and does unite all things together must be its Teacher.
Yet must It use the language which this mind can understand
in the condition in which it thinks it is.
And It must use all learning to transfer illusions to the truth,
taking all false ideas of what you are
and leading you beyond them to the truth that is beyond them.
All this can very simply be reduced to this:

What is the same can not be different,
And what is one can not have separate parts.

(ACIM Text Chapter 25, The Remedy, II. “The Appointed Task”)

Ears On and Tuned In
As long as I am in a receptive state, the Holy Spirit will speak to me in a manner that I can hear. It will use “my” languages plural, because messages will likely be coming in many ways, not just one. But we may have one or more ways in which we are especially keen to God’s Voice.

Music speaks loudly to me and draws me in; I hear the deeper messages within music quite readily. Usually I’m drawn in by the notes—by “a little wisp of melody” or harmony. Eventually I’ll look closely at the lyrics (if there are any) and realize they also have a deep spiritual message to convey, either as is or with slight tweaking. This makes sense because artists tend to create around subjects of importance to humans, and our human dramas usually reduce to an attempt to heal the pain of separation—from God. So our love songs—our “cryin’ in my beer” songs, our “missing you” songs, our “wanting you” songs, our “you are everything to me” songs—ALL have deeper spiritual meaning and purpose.

Back to my first example, Riding on a Railroad by James Taylor.


Riding on a Railroad by James Taylor from Mud Slide Slim, 1971

We are ridin’ on a railroad, singin’ someone else’s song,
Forever standin’ by that crossroad, take your side and step along.
We are sailin’ away on a river to the sea, and maybe you and me can meet again.
We are ridin’ on a railroad, singin’ someone else’s song, sing along.

Time to time I tire of the life that I’ve been leadin’ town to town, and day by day.
There’s a man up here, he claims to have his hands upon the reins,
There are chains upon his hands and he’s ridin’ upon a train.

Oh Lord, we’ve been ridin’ on a railroad, singin’ someone else’s song.
Forever standin’ by that crossroad, take your side and step along.
We are sailin’ away on a river to the sea, and maybe you and me can meet again.
We’ve been ridin’ on a railroad, singin’ someone else’s song.

This song is about loss of control. ~ James Taylor

James Taylor, now many years in recovery for heroin addiction, may have had addiction in mind when he wrote this song. He may also have been referring to the machine of big business that runs the popular music industry, and the experience of being under its thumb. I can’t be sure what he meant when he said, “this song is about loss of control.” But I can say that my experience of James Taylor as an artist places him among those who are open to the Divine Flow. Which means that the Holy Spirit takes the opportunity to speak through him to those who have ears to hear.

For my ears, Riding on a Railroad is a metaphorical exposé of the moment of awakening of the decision-making mind within. Our true identity—the decision-maker that chooses between love and fear/ God and the ego—IS in charge of the ride because choice determines the experience. However, in fear and desperation the decision-maker has given the reins over to the ego mind. Thus we are having the experience of “no control”—hands chained—while speeding along the track of the runaway ego train. The more things change, the more they stay the same. We begin to see the patterns that repeat again and again in our lives, maybe with different players and different backdrops, but the same unhealthy, unsatisfying patterns of separation.

The song’s bridge speaks of how tired we, the decision-making mind, become when we keep choosing the ego’s interpretations and strategies. It calls out the ego’s fraud—that it can control everything if we will just listen and obey—recognizing that ego-mindedness IS the alien song of someone else and singing it imprisons us on a train that just keeps chugging along. Until we choose differently.

The good news is that the decision-maker is awakening to the whisper of the Holy Spirit/ the Voice for God/ the Christ Mind/ right-mindedness and numerous other terms used across religious traditions for “the Voice for Love.” Love is saying, “Yikes! We’re on the ego train living out the agenda of “not love” (the ego/ wrong-mindedness/ the voice for separation)! But we ARE love and always have a choice, so let’s make it NOW and board the love train. Our journey is back to Oneness. Wake up, beloveds, and join the awakened! We can take as much time as we need, but NOW is the time to take a side and step along and choose the truth of who we are. The conditions are ripe now—the train is in the station and we have a ticket.

Only when we have awakened are we ABLE to choose differently. Riding on a Railroad, written around 1970 while A Course in Miracles was still being scribed, is part of humanity’s wake-up call.

Chuckles the Clown Holy Spirit
Humor also outlines and amplifies the Holy Spirit’s messages for me. Recently I asked for guidance about a sticky situation, and the Holy Spirit immediately said (through the silent sound of my own voice in my head), “Stop trying to be so strategerous.” The ungrammatical “strategerous” made me laugh out loud—and know it was the Holy Spirit’s Voice. After all, A Course in Miracles says this world will end in laughter.

The world will end in joy because it is a place of sorrow.
When joy has come the purpose of the world has gone.
The world will end in peace because it is a place of war.
When peace has come, what is the purpose of the world?
The world will end in laughter because it is a place of tears.
Where there is laughter, who can longer weep?
And only complete forgiveness brings all this to bless the world.
In blessing it departs, for it will not end as it began.

(ACIM Urtext M 15 A 5)

There is no need to learn through pain.
And gentle lessons are acquired joyously, and are remembered gladly.

(ACIM Text Chapter 21, Reason and Perception, I. “The Forgotten Song”)

No Pain, All Gain
OF COURSE the Holy Spirit speaks to us through music and all manners of art, for which the artist opened him/ herself to inspiration and guidance from the Federation of the Servants of the Light, whether consciously or unconsciously. How gentle. How painless. How joyful. And how efficient, when you consider how much art is available to the masses today and how much attention we pay to it. The attention we pay is no accident—it is our true, higher nature calling out to itself. Whether or not we receive the message depends on the focus we choose.

The Good-People-Choosing-Love Generation
It’s not hard to find references about the lyrics of Jon Anderson (of the progressive rock band Yes) not making sense. They can seem non-sensical until viewed from a spiritual perspective. But from a spiritual vantage point, they contain profound messages of hope and direction for a generation.

Your Move/I’ve Seen All Good People by Yes, 1971


Your Move/I’ve Seen All Good People – words and music by Jon Anderson

  1. I’ve seen all good people turn their heads each day so satisfied—I’m on my way.
  2. Take a straight and stronger course to the corner of your life.
  3. Make the white queen run so fast she hasn’t got time to make you wise [heeding God’s Voice].
  4. Cause—His time is time in time with your time and His news [muse] is captured for the queen to use.
  5. Move me onto any black square, use me any time you want.
  6. Just remember that the goal is for us all to capture, all we want, anywhere. Yea. . .
  7. Don’t surround yourself with yourself, move on back to squares.
  8. Send that instant karma to me, initial it with loving care. (Don’t surround yourself)
  9. Cause—His time is time in time with your time and His news is captured for the queen to use.

This song could easily be called “The Lightworker’s Pledge.” The white queen can stand for the decision-maker that can choose between the counsel of the ego (fear) or God’s muse/ inspiration (love). The queen is the most powerful player in the game of chess, and when the decision-maker chooses WITH God and love it becomes a truly powerful force in life. The squares are others—that which seems to be outside of ourselves. Others embodied are our brothers and sisters. Black squares are the people and situations that seem to need light.

Jon Anderson has explained that the line “Cause his time is time in time with your time” was an attempt to say that he would “do anything that is required of me to reach God” and that he wants the listener to feel “in tune and in time with God.” (Yes. Yesstories: Yes In Their Own Words. MacMillan, 1996.)

A refrain in the background is, “all we are saying is give peace a chance.” Yes is not just giving a nod to John Lennon and the Beatles; they’re delivering a message to the listener.

What I hear (The Lightworker’s Pledge):

  1. I’ve seen good, well-meaning people get engrossed in worldly (ego) matters and look away from difficult truths, but I’m choosing to follow the inner, spiritual voice (God’s Voice, the Holy Spirit).
  2. I place my attention on what is true. I step aside from self-centeredness and fleeting desire to view life from a higher, solid perspective and build my life from this foundation.
  3. I choose a higher course. I clear my mind instead of only busying it with worldly matters so I am able to hear the spiritual muse and take direction from Source.
  4. “Cause”—how and why things happen—is intentional. Everything is unfolding as it should as part of God’s Plan for our reawakening. Ego events are being made subservient to this Plan by God. Lightworkers, the time is now! Respond, “I am ready to hear the Holy Spirit’s messages and take direction.”
  5. I surrender my life to God’s Purposes—I will go where directed and do what is asked of me—even if it is outside of my comfort zone,
  6. AND I allow my heart’s desires to guide me to service without sacrifice. The gifts of Spirit are for all of us, with no end, and can be accessed anywhere.
  7. I do not insulate myself with the ego, relying only on its interpretations and guidance. I do not retreat from others or the world. I participate (on the squares of life) by doing what I am called to do,
  8. according to the loving guidance I receive from the inner voice.
  9. The time is now, I am ready and I hear the Holy Spirit’s messages, which direct my actions. And this is reason to DANCE!

Do You Hear What I Hear?
Are my interpretations what the personalities, the human beings we know as James Taylor and Jon Anderson, had in mind when they wrote these songs? I don’t know. But what I do not doubt is that the Christ within these brothers—the Self God Created, the part of them that wants nothing more nor less than to fulfill the Will of Love—meant exactly what I’ve heard.

Listen, and see if you remember an ancient song
you knew so long ago
and held more dear
than any melody you taught yourself to cherish since.

(ACIM Text Chapter 21, Reason and Perception, I. “The Forgotten Song”)

I could go on with examples, especially the music of Yes and Jon Anderson from the 1970’s. But these will have to wait. Right now the question is how does God’s Voice speak to you all through the day?

Listening with Peace and Love,

Mira Carroll

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Dance, just for the joy of it!

Orange Blossom Special by The Firehouse Band, featuring William Niemi on fiddle


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