My sweet kitty companion of 18+ years recently passed and I received a beautiful vase of flowers in his honor.

Mix Flower by rakratchada torsap

There are a lot of reminders about life in a vase of flowers.

  • Beauty is multi-faceted—no one variety, color, texture, shape or aroma has a monopoly on beauty.
  • Beauty is subjective and expandable.  I can choose to experience the beauty of something, and there’s always room to perceive more beauty in it and other things.
  • Flowers don’t need much to be beautiful, but they do need water.  Water is the universal solvent.  On planet Earth it is both the medium of life and the cleanser of life; it nurtures and it washes away.  Water symbolizes both emotion and crystal clear purity—a perfect medium for beauty.
  • Give flowers some care and they’ll last longer.  Protect them from extremes, trim excess and dead foliage, keep the intake system functioning, add some nutrition to the water. . . .
  • The physical stuff of flowers is temporary and a vase of them demonstrates that quickly.  Lifespan varies, but eventually all flowers wither and die.  That’s because flowers are physical world manifestations of the Thought of Life.  Life is eternal, but all physical world manifestations shall pass.   They pass because they are “infected” with the thought of separation.  Life is One.  Life on Earth reflects both Oneness and the thought of separation.  Flowers are a good example.
  • Beauty—in flowers, in us and in all living things on the big blue marble—is eternal when we let it into our hearts.

With Peace and Love,

Mira Carroll

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Image “Mix Flower” courtesy of rakratchada torsap at

2 Responses to “Flowers”
  1. Dear Carol,

    This meditation on flowers is itself a lovely flower . . . thanks for sharing.

    Love and hugs, Lynne



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