Labor of Love

This Labor Day, as the world takes a rest from doing, let us also consciously honor our being.  Created in God’s Image, we receive divine attributes.  This is our being.  The apple does not fall far from the tree.  Inside an orange is orange juice.  My labor becomes my creation.

As a Virgo I understand that elbow grease and organization (forethought) are integral parts of the manifestation process in this world of illusion.  But as a student of Edgar Cayce and A Course in Miracles (ACIM), I know that mind is the builder.  If my enlightened consciousness is not directing my work, I will be working too hard—“efforting.”  If I am doing the ego’s work, I will be wasting my energy at fruitless labor.  If I am attached to specific outcomes, I will be toiling away toward my own demise.

If I do not work in concert with Source I end up worshipping my “doing” even as it enslaves me.  Unfortunately this is rampant in our culture.  But there is a better way—indeed an easier way—to know the truth AND respect the illusion, and that is to show up in my “being.”  True being is remembering who we are amidst activity as well as away from it.  Our identity—our being—is described in detail in the Course:


God goes with me wherever I go.

God is my strength.

God is my Source.

God is the light in which I see.

God is the Mind with which I think.

God is the Love in which I forgive.

God is the strength in which I trust.

There is nothing to fear.

(ACIM Workbook Lessons 41-49)


To live a life of peace and joy, “on purpose” and unfazed by fear, I need to make sure that my doing is aligned with my divine nature.  When I am listening to the small, still voice and allowing the purpose of peace and forgiveness to work through me as I attend to whatever is in front of me, my work—whatever it is—becomes exalted, a Labor of Love.  I am manifesting from my true nature—from the place of being—and the harvest will be timely, abundant, peaceful, loving and joyful.


Prayer for Being

I AM the beloved child of God, in whom He is well-pleased.

Let my life in this world be given only to the extension of the good, the holy and the beautiful.

I recognize that healing clears the way for me to manifest this desire of my true Self.

I let go of “doing” to mask the pain of the world of illusion.

I let go of “efforting” to compensate for the dream that God is gone.

Instead I rest in my being as I live.  I claim my birthright and express my divinity now, in each moment.

And so it is.


I am one Self, united with my Creator.

Serenity and perfect peace are mine, because I am one Self,

completely whole, at one with all creation and with God.

(ACIM Workbook Lesson 113)


Happy Labor of Love Day!


With Peace and Love,

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