Why Sacred Lomi?

Graphic SHIFTBodywork is a “secret” tool of psycho-spiritual healing.  Oh, we talk plenty about massage—but usually in the context of how it’s going to fix an ache or pain right now, or about stress reduction/management or as a luxurious pampering amidst our demanding lives of doing.  All of these are wonderful uses of what massage therapy has to offer.  But approached in the spirit of openness with the right therapist, bodywork offers even more.  This article focuses on Sacred Lomi® (sometimes called Hawaiian Temple Bodywork), a spiritually-oriented bodywork modality I have offered my clients for the past 5 years.  Why should you get a Sacred Lomi session?  One word answer:  SHIFT.

Sacred Lomi is a power tool of transformation.  It’s good company to the “miracle” as defined by A Course in Miracles (ACIM): a corrective change in perception back to love.


A miracle “merely looks on devastation,

and reminds the mind that what it sees is false.

It undoes error, but does not attempt to go beyond perception,

nor exceed the function of forgiveness.

Thus it stays within time’s limits.

Yet it paves the way for the return of timelessness and love’s awakening,

for fear must slip away under the gentle remedy it brings.”

(ACIM Workbook Part II, Section 13. “What is a Miracle?“)

A miracle undoes fear.  As a student and teacher of ACIM, I know that miracles are often the result of the conscious use of the power tool of forgiveness.  But there are also other means of shifting our perception.

If you are on the conscious healing path and would like to boost or catalyze your process, lay yourself down for a Sacred Lomi bodywork session.  If one of your “issues” is coming up again, lay yourself down for a Sacrd Lomi session.  If you’re feeling stuck, or as though something nebulous is churning within you just outside of your grasp, lay yourself down for Sacred Lomi.  If you often feel confused, conflicted, angry, sad or neglected, lay yourself down for Sacred Lomi.  If you long for spiritual experience, lay yourself down for Sacred Lomi.

Open to SHIFT

SHIFT is the theme of healing I have witnessed in my clients (and been blessed to receive myself) through Sacred Lomi.

  • Support
  • Heal
  • Inspire
  • Free
  • Transform

Support— through trauma, loss, upheaval, betrayal and other major life changes.  For example, a loving spouse was supported through a blindside divorce as relatives exploited the dementia-impaired other spouse in order to gain control of money.

Heal—the deep anger and rage of multiple lifetimes, for example, by providing a temple of unconditional love in which to safely release.

Inspire—major life and work changes, lucid dreaming, sacred visions and creativity.

Free—lifts pain and fear, and anchors hard-won freedom from issues such as body shame and compulsive behaviors and patterns.

Transforms wherever the receiver allows transformation, in alignment with the greater Divine Plan for their healing.  I have seen beautiful transformations of consciousness, pain, emotions, memory, purpose and self-image.

Sacred Lomi moves through us like a volcano—at times the SHIFTs are fast and fiery, and other times thick, slow and rubbery, the bubbles of change breaking surface from long silences.  It is a bath in the sacred waters of aloha (unconditional love and acceptance) and the sea of change.

Sacred Lomi is an attentive escort on the path of unfolding and it covers a lot of AREA, assisting with:

Accessing – our deeper natures, emotions, memories, wounds and traumas, our spiritual selves.

Releasing – emotions, memories, toxic or outdated patterns, control, fear.

Embracing – Spirit, Love, the eternal now, timelessness, Oneness, change, flow, what is.

Anchoring – Peace, Love, Health, Joy, Trust, new healthy patterns.

Sacred Lomi techniques can vary in pressure and deeper techniques such as Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy can be integrated into a session.  Thus sessions can be adjusted for different tastes and levels of physical health.  Each practitioner stamps their heart on Sacred Lomi and each session unfolds around this mix with the unique energies and needs of the client in the moment.

Sacred Lomi is a “wise” transformational healing power tool because it works on levels seen and unseen, conscious and unconscious, under the focus of intention and the gift of grace.  Sacred Lomi helps us to shift in energy, body, mind, emotion and spirit.  It is bodywork, and it is so much more.  It wafts through us like music, resonating with aspects of our small selves to shift, uplift and reunite them with the True Self we were created to be—all while we simply focus on how good it feels, being open and allowing whatever manifests to come up.  Sacred Lomi is the red carpet through the doorway to the next right step.

More Information and Resources:

Sacred Lomi: Open Heart Bodywork for Change

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Sacred Lomi is bodywork that supports energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical transformation AND can amplify other healing efforts, such as talk therapy and the practice of forgiveness.  This holistic work has physical effects, but no promises of specific physical healing from this bodywork are made.

With Peace and Love,
Mira Carroll

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  1. martiwrites says:

    That’s the first time I’ve seen the S.H.I.F.T. acronym, and I like it a lot. Support, Healing, Inspire, Free, Transform. Got it. Mahalo.

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