Prayer for Self Worth


Father-Mother-God, Creator of All That Is, Author of the Divine,

I am aware that I have not believed in my infinite, untarnishable worth as the Child of Your Creation;

that I have attempted to superimpose a lesser identity over that which You gave me,

and that this has caused me years of pain and left Your Creative Intention incomplete.

I surrender this erroneous decision and all its effects to You for healing and transformation.

I accept Your Vision of me as wholly lovable and wholly loving.

I AM Love; I AM peace; I AM worthy; I AM whole; I AM holy; I AM Yours—all because You have made me so.

I now surrender ALL my decisions to You, decisions I have made under the ego’s guidance, all directions I have attempted to go without You.

I surrender, and trust the absolute power of Your Will of Love.

And so I deny that my ego decisions can have any effects any longer.

I let go of these mistakes and forgive myself.

In this spaciousness I claim Your Will for Your Children:  Peace, Love, Joy, Safety and Abundance.

Your Will is done in me.

This is so because I have asked You for the Kingdom and opened to receive.

In gratitude I say Amen.

With Peace and Love,

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