Personal Manifesto – A Map for Our Own Resurrection

Thought creates.

That’s why organizations and savvy businesses have mission statements.  That’s why shame researcher, author, speaker and professor Brené Brown developed a “Home Manifesto” for her family that includes the dictum of no name-calling, which includes never calling oneself names.  When someone surveyed her daughter’s project in progress and remarked that she was “messy,” her daughter immediately offered correction: “No, I’m not messy; I’m making a mess.”

We all will benefit from developing a “Personal Manifesto” that names and claims our ideals and aspirations for how we treat ourselves and operate in the world.  This Personal Manifesto is a brief, clear statement of values and actions, like a mission statement.  It is a map for our own resurrection that clarifies and reminds us of our direction.

Here’s a Personal Manifesto I wrote for myself:

I AM a Child of God.  I see and treat myself as inherently innocent, loving and of infinite value.  I have made mistakes and I may make mistakes, but I AM NEVER a mistake.

I work to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to bring me to an ever-finer expression in body and mind of God’s Creative Intention of Oneness.  Mmmmm!

I seek direction from Source in all matters.  There is no area of life where God’s Loving Direction is not needed.

I make time for quiet and allow the still, small Voice for Love to speak to me.

I extend Love and Forgiveness to all.



I practice proper priorities in my life.


  1. God
  2. Self
  3. Others

I shield myself from harm through healthy boundaries when necessary, while cultivating an ever-deeper understanding that what I AM cannot be harmed.


I respect, love, care for and maintain my body temple as a precious tool of God’s Will on earth.

I AM also joy, pleasure and play.

I express my desires, takes steps to satisfy them, listen and adjust.  I thus allow my desires to lead me to God’s Will for my life.

I live in gratitude for all I have been given, and so I give.

What is your Personal Manifesto?

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3 Responses to “Personal Manifesto – A Map for Our Own Resurrection”
  1. thepracticalpriestess says:

    Love it! Going to do one right now!


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