Under the Breath

My cat was still—too still.  I leaned down to take a closer look, to find his breath.  In those microseconds, even if he was still alive, I feared his death was imminent.  Although he still has a quality life, he’s an old, sick cat.  Old, sick cats die.

He was breathing.  He didn’t die.

Now here is why I bother to tell this story.  In that eternity when I leaned down to check—underneath my fear of death, under the breath—steady, quiet and true—I found a deep peace.  If my cat was gone it was okay because it was time, it was meant to be.  There is no need to argue with what is.  When something or someone leaves, it’s time.  And this transition, like all others, is sacred.

With Peace and Love,

Mira Carroll



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2 Responses to “Under the Breath”
  1. lovely, lovely, lovely . . . words of wisdom . . . words of peace . . .



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