Progress: Doing More with Less

I have noticed that when I am living “in the flow,” I find inspiration everywhere.  I’ve been inspired these first few days of the new year to adjust the frequency of my healing space, and whenever I pull that thread there’s no telling where it will lead or when it will be completely knitted together again.  I worked on it feverishly all day.

Life is change AND progress.  One way (a green way) to define progress is to do more with the same or even less materials.  Clearing space is usually progress—letting go of things to gain the space of no-thing—or. . . doing more with less.  By that definition I made a lot of progress in my space today, cleaning, rearranging and discarding.

At mid-afternoon I sat down for a break and a few minutes of kind humor with Ellen DeGeneres.  And I was inspired by two master performers demonstrating progress.  So inspired I’m sharing it here.  The media through which they showcase their talent did not even exist when I was growing up.  In fact, what they do is the antithesis of the big, lavish productions so common in 1970’s entertainment.  Mike Song and KRNFX show us how to do more with less.  Enjoy!

With Peace and Love,

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5 Responses to “Progress: Doing More with Less”
  1. Elaine says:

    Cool performance, and excellent insights on your part.


    • miracarroll says:

      Just read this from “Cynthia’s Cosmic Almanac for 2013”:

      “Mercury square Uranus on Thursday, January 3rd means brilliant flashes of inspiration plus lots of small surprises, especially for those who have CAPRICORN, ARIES, CANCER, OR LIBRA strong in the birth chart. Not a good day for detailed-work (as energies tend to be nervous & scattered, and thought processes “sloppy” or un-focused). However, inspiration is strong. . .”

      It was a GREAT day to move stuff! As a non-astrologer I LOVE Cynthia’s accessible, useful information and easy style.

      More about “Cynthia’s Cosmic Almanac for 2013” at .


    • miracarroll says:

      And thank you for your kind comment!


  2. Mark says:

    Good morning Mira, I have always told myself and my children that having less is better than having more. They never got it but I live every day by it. To have more you have more issues and to have less you have less worries. To get away with this I shop with my eyes and ask myself do I need it or do I want it? 99% of the time I walk and couldn’t be happier because my internal happiness is standing firm and freedom from clutter leaves me open to pursue real happiness and a clear mind.


    • miracarroll says:

      Fabulous, and a great points! We can appreciate, yet not accumulate. And lack of clutter both supports and reflects a clear mind. I hold out hope for your children; this is probably one of those things we have to choose to learn. Thank you for sharing.


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