The New Year: Time to Master the Practice of Forgiveness

Another year older, another year deeper in debt to the unhealed past.

That’s an outcome to avoid!  In these fresh minutes of the new year I’m bringing back my first article from 2012 because time cannot effect the healing we each seek in so many different ways.  Time is not only passive, it is illusory.  Healing is real and it requires action.  That action takes place in the mind, and it is called “forgiveness.”

If we wait for a new year to change aspects of our lives that call out to us (from little nudges to Holy 2 x 4’s), we are really impeding our journey, even though it is a journey without distance back to the place we never left.  The New Year is a sacred symbol for the truth that, as A Course in Miracles repeatedly reminds us, we can choose again at any time, thus beginning anew from the state of peace that is natural to us, if we do not allow fear to rule our minds.  But it IS helpful to use the idea of a clean slate to reflect upon and assess our choices in the past.  We can use the momentum of a “new year” to formalize and strengthen our commitment to alternate practices that may not yet be automatic.  Loving introspection, inspiration and momentum can always be put to good use.

I suggest that the most important “change” to place on any list of New Year’s Resolutions is to PRACTICE forgiveness.  This means application.  Thinking and reading about “forgiveness,” while a helpful part of the learning process, is not enough—we need to practice so we actually integrate forgiveness into the fabric of our lives.  Please note that “practicing forgiveness” does not mean tolerating abuse or being a door mat.   In these situations we can practice forgiveness from a safe vantage point out of the fray.

My Father gives all power unto me. The Son of God is limitless.

There are no limits on his strength, his peace, his joy. . .

I am he to whom all this is given. . .

in whom the power of my Father’s Will abides.

(ACIM Lesson 320)

As we practice forgiveness, it helps to keep in mind the Hawaiian shamanic principle of kala—there are no limits.  Let this be our mantra and the answer to every objection the voice of fear (the ego) raises:  There are no limits to my forgiveness!

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

Who?  Me.

What?  Practice forgiveness.

When?  Whenever I’m not in a state of peace.  I observe myself from the best place of non-judgmental service I can muster to realize when that is.  Hint: forgiveness opportunities will be found in relationships—from the personal to the impersonal, from the mundane and momentary to the primary and lasting—from store clerks, to other drivers, to people on the street, to lovers, to family members, to groups, to institutions, to things and even to ideas.

Where? In my mind.  Yes, the practice of forgiveness takes place in my mind.

Why?  Because it restores me to peace and opens the door of my heart, allowing me to manifest the truth of the Love that I am.  For doubters, it FEELS good!  It feels SO good to be in a place of open-hearted peace that, over time, not being there awakens a craving that is satisfied only with forgiveness.

How?  There are always two parts to the practice of forgiveness:

  1. Forgiving what seems to be “out there” depriving me of peace, via,
  2. Forgiving myself.

There may be another step needed, along with these two.  We may need to acknowledge and release painful emotional energy—sadness, fear, anger and guilt—usually from the past, triggered by some event in the present.  This skill, which I call “Emotional Healing Work,” can be learned.

Forgiveness is a process that, in the presence of willingness, can be reduced to simple mechanics.  The Mastery Forgiveness Process from my book, Healing Loss: Choose Love Now, leads you through these simple steps.  Here’s a link to this life-changing worksheet:

Mastery Forgiveness Process

My prayer is that whatever else you choose to change this year, you will choose to practice forgiveness first.  In the peace you claim by aligning with the Love that is your Source, all other things are possible.

With Love and Light,

Mira Carroll

P.S.  Read more about forgiveness here:  Forgiveness: the Post Office Delivers

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