This Is the Best Part of Your Life

Beloveds, especially if this is not the Thanksgiving of your dreams, if you are feeling separated from love or loved ones, if you are in a time of hardship or loss, may I suggest. . .

May I suggest this may not be the best time, but it is the best part of your life.

May I suggest that we visit the place where we can give thanks for our losses.  Losses are worthy of gratitude because of the healing potential they lay at our feet.  Our losses lead us Home.  This place of gratefulness for that which hurts is an altar of forgiveness, peace, vision, inspiration and communion with All That Is.  If we cannot yet see this place, we can begin to clear the cloud that looms in front of our eyes in faith that this place does exist and will be revealed.  This holy place is always with us—we simply have to choose to experience it.

The holiest of all the spots on earth

is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.

(A Course in Miracles, Text, Chapter 26:IX.6)

We have to forgive each moment we resist for being what it is and not what we would prefer.

If we have lost a person, we can give thanks for all aspects of that person as we perceived and experienced them, both positive and negative.  If we have lost some thing, we can give thanks for ever having had that thing, thanks for how it served us and thanks for losing it so that NOW we can experience another thing. . . or no thing.  From spaciousness God is revealed.  May I suggest that we give thanks for the lessons right now being learned through loss and the lessons to come that have not yet arisen in conscious awareness.  From the west, may I suggest to you that the fruits of these lessons ARE the best parts of our lives.

“May I Suggest” by Susan Werner

You are part of reality, which stands unchanged

beyond the reach of your ego but within easy reach of spirit.

When you are afraid, be still and know that God is real

and you are His beloved Son in whom He is well pleased.

(A Course in Miracles, Text, Chapter 4:I.8.5-6)

With Peace and Love,

Mira Carroll

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2 Responses to “This Is the Best Part of Your Life”
  1. A beautiful message, beautifully written . . . 

    Love and a hug, Lynne

    p.s. Just as an update . . . In Sept., Oct., we spent 7 weeks in England, visiting David’s family and seeing the countryside– then a week in Colorado Springs at ACIM conference. I’ve been editing a lot since we returned.



    • miracarroll says:

      Sounds like a beautiful trip! I can just feel that cool, moist, English air. Thank you for your kind words. . . and for putting your talented nose back to the editing grindstone.

      Love and a hug backatcha, Mira


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