Obsession – A Really, REALLY Insistent Call to Healing

God and man were one; but . . . through carnal thoughts and words and deeds, man tore himself away from God; debased himself. . . . the Holy Breath would make them one again, re­storing harmony and peace; . . . naught can make them one but love; . . . The only Savior of the world is love, and . . . love cannot be mani­fest until its way has been prepared, and naught can . . . prepare the way, but purity.

(The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, Chapter 7:18-22)

Imagine that you are pure, pre-consciousness, part of the infinite, eternal Oneness of Creation.  If you made like an amoeba and individuated, fashioning a kind of leg and interior wall to distinguish yourself from God—if you separated from All That Is—what would happen?  What would be the result of excision from the Source of Love and the Great I Am?

The result would be the illusion of emptiness.  It would be an illusion, but coming from creative mind it would feel powerfully real.  There is no such thing as being separate from All That Is, but the creative mind can imagine it and the scenario is a nightmare that begins with the feeling of utter, terrifying emptiness.

That emptiness lives within each of us as a core wound, a trauma to the collective soul.  And one of the ways we attempt to “treat” it is by developing obsessions.

Let me define obsession for our purposes.  I’m not just talking about “clinical” OCD obsessive/ compulsive disorder obsession, the kind that makes the mechanics of daily life difficult-to-impossible, although this extreme is certainly included.  I’m talking about repeated patterns of thought and/or action that take us away from our peace of mind.

The theme of obsession might be something like “I want it but don’t have it,” or “it is/ was/ might be and that’s terrible,” or “I need to/ have to/ must _____.”  I’m talking about the things our minds get fixated on, including the obsession of new romance, the haunting of unrequited love, the drive to “make a name for oneself,” the tending of coals of resentment, a fixation on some relationship, including parenthood, a preoccupation with select memories from the past, the constant measurement of self against the world of appearances and many worldly “goals” generally viewed as healthy, acceptable, admirable “ambition.” But when we satisfy these ambitions through achievement we find they ultimately let us down by simply being what they are and not a cure for our unease and discontent.  I’m talking about the thoughts, desires and drives that hammer at us even as the small, still voice within whispers that we are in dangerous territory.  If we are acting from obsession in the world, we are probably receiving some messages to back off.  They might be general messages from anyone, such as: “you’re intense,” or “take a chill pill,” or “you might consider taking it easy,” or be very specific to some behavior.

It’s not that ambition and goals are bad in and of themselves.  It’s our misbelief about attaining them that hurts us.  Our belief that some “thing” out there, some prize, will fill our deep, painful emptiness AND our attachment to the prize drags us down and takes us on a spiritual detour.

Consider that the seven “deadly” sins/errors (deadly to the manifestation of our true spiritual nature of Love, Whole Love and nothing but Love) are all obsessions inflated to cover fear and run amok in a particular direction:

Deadly Error


Underlying Fear


punishment, anger

too much pain


materiality and ownership

lack, scarcity


ease or rest

failure, unworthy



unworthy, unlovable



unworthy, unlovable



unworthy, lack



unworthy, lack of joy

I believe envy is the ideal of justice worked in the negative—sprinkled with feelings of lack resting on a bed of unworthiness.  I ENVY others’ possessions, lives or accomplishments when I believe I neither deserve nor have what I see in others and attempt to cover this pain by making the case that I deserve it more.  All of the seven “deadly” obsessions are covers for emptiness.

I have personal experience with obsession.  I was once obsessed with being thin, and the starvation diet I was willing to subject myself to made me even more obsessed with food.  After taking a spin around the block with anorexia and bulimia I decided to give up those behaviors and filled my discomfort and emptiness with “controlled use” of alcohol (you might call it an alcohol drip) instead.  I allowed this obsession with alcohol until I drank myself “over the line” and became addicted—alcohol began to take ME over instead of me taking it.  Throughout my extreme youth I was prone to becoming obsessed with lovers, especially when they wanted to break up.  When I felt rejected I would become obsessed. . . because the rejection exposed my painful inner emptiness.

I still get a little obsessed every time I write a new article—it “grabs” me and commands my focus until it feels “done.”  In so doing it will pull me out of my daily tasks and be more or less a distraction—one I agree to and even embrace because the end result accomplishes something important to me.  My writing shares healing passed through the filter of “me” in an accessible way—this article archive.  And I admit I am obsessed with healing.

If you’ve noticed your own obsessions, what’s to do about it?  How can we heal our obsessions?

Conventional Healing

If our obsession(s) are in the clinical range of obsessive/compulsive disorder or OCD, we should seek treatment from a specialist.  Pharmaceuticals may be part of our treatment for some period of time.  We use these tools to put ourselves back in the driver’s seat of our own minds.  Using conventional tools can enhance and speed our recovery—even be the difference between healing and staying obsessed.  But we don’t stop there.  We continue by healing our emptiness, the underlying spiritual cause of obsession.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is seeing the emptiness for what it truly is and taking steps to fix it properly.  What we are “fixing” isn’t really the emptiness, because the emptiness is an illusion.  We are fixing our view, dismantling our self-erected obstacles so we can see clearly that we are with God and God is with us and this has never and will never change.  Through spiritual healing we consciously reconnect with God.


  • Separate from God:  We start with the understanding that whenever we entertain our obsession we are using it as a substitute for the Peace of God.  This has been called having a “false idol.”  We accept that our obsession is a symptom of the spiritual problem, “I feel separate from God.”  We give up the idea that our obsession is a specific directive FROM God.  God is not telling us to be with a specific person, get a specific accomplishment/ title/ job/ home/ body/ property, drive a particular class of car, teach someone a lesson, become famous, etc. and if the rest of the world would just get with the program all would be well.
  • Spiritual Solution:  We accept that spiritual problems call for spiritual solutions.  The answer to our obsession is more connection with God, NOT whatever thing we are obsessed about.  As any alcoholic in recovery can tell you, a drink does not solve an obsession with alcohol.  We take steps to connect with God such as the practice of forgiveness, prayer, meditation, spiritual study and service work.
  • Mind Control:  We claim the truth that we are in control of our own minds.  The thoughts in our minds do not run us.  We ARE the internal “chooser,” and this chooser focuses on thoughts and decides what to believe.  This selection process runs our minds.  We are always free to change our minds at any time.
  • Get the Message:  We embrace the fact that our desires are one of the ways we receive GOD (good orderly direction) in our lives.  Thus we do not attempt to banish a desire which has become an obsession.  Instead we let go of the specifics and open up to a greater meaning.  Our interest, our desire, our obsession has turned us in an important direction.  We simply took the desire too far.  Obsession might even have karmic roots, presenting an opportunity to heal some mistake of the past.  (Obsessions with aspects of past lives often come to activate the past life path, energy and wisdom in our current life.)

As we regain control of our minds we look for the message of direction hidden within our obsession.  This aspect of obsession is a good example of how all things on earth, except forgiveness, can be worked in the positive or the negative.  Forgiveness is always positive.

(For more on Forgiveness see https://miracarroll.wordpress.com/2012/01/27/the-new-year-time-to-master-the-practice-of-forgiveness/ and https://miracarroll.wordpress.com/2012/01/27/forgiveness-the-post-office-delivers/ )

  • Redirect the Energy:  We use our capacity for obsession to fuel our healing.  We develop a spiritual practice that improves our feelings of connection to Peace and Love.  We develop our mental muscle of choice.  We explore our obsession for other wounds and offer them to the healing process. 
  • Refill:  We allow the process of healing of our obsession to fill our sense of emptiness.  Isn’t that elegant?  In so doing we will see the obsession’s purpose and become able to feel gratitude for the experience.
  • Give Thanks:  And so we give thanks to All That Is for using our wounds to guide us ever closer back HOME (Heaven on Mother Earth).

With Peace and Love,

Mira Carroll


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3 Responses to “Obsession – A Really, REALLY Insistent Call to Healing”
  1. Mark says:

    Miracarroll, beautifully written and I would bet that each person who read this would think it is them that you wrote it about because each of us do have an obsession that is hard to control if you don’t realize that you have an obsession perhaps someone needs to call you out on it before it becomes a death to the soul. Wonderful piece of work.


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