Interview with the Ego

 Mira: Ego, thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and agreeing to entertain my questions.

Ego: Mira, my pleasure. I love the spotlight. And you can call me “Dr. Vortex.” Most people don’t realize that’s my name, but I’m the original spin doctor. Anyway, I’ll answer what I can, but I’ve gotta warn ya, I’m not much for sittin’ around and I’ve got a lot of projects going on—you know, I’ve got my fingers in a lot of pies—so I might have to take a call or cut this short.

M: Actually I’d prefer that you turn off your cell phone during our interview, if you don’t mind. Your clients can manage without you for a little while. So tell me, Dr. Vortex, where do you come from?

E: (turning off his phone) I come from just south of thin air, born of Sin and Guilt at the dawn of time.

M: That’s an old pedigree. Who do you work for?

E: I’m in business for myself—an independent contractor employed by Fear.

M: And, for the record, where do you operate?

E: Where is “reality?” Where is life as we know it? Lots of folks just recognize me in other people (and I like that very much), but I am literally EVERYWHERE on earth.

M: Everywhere—including our religious institutions?

E: Yes—very good! Some of my best craftsmanship is woven through organized religion. I have made sure that no one offers “the whole truth AND nothing but the truth.” I am particularly proud of pushing some essential teachings of Jesus of Nazareth underground the past couple of thousand years so that only fragments, and even misinterpretations, have been accepted as the truth. So many glory days—the Dark Ages, the Inquisition, the witch trials!

M: You’ll forgive me if I don’t share that triumph with you. . . so you are everywhere—even nature?

E: Absolutely! Nature’s struggle for survival was authored by me. I am the merciless, detached, dog-eat-dog, parasitic aspect of the natural world, from competing plant roots to stalking predators to man’s “dominion” over the earth.

M: And the supernatural?

E: Hauntings, demons, psychokinesis, ghosts, vampires, werewolves—all about separation and its emotions, so ultimately about me. As you can see, I have remarkable versatility.

M: (polite, but not impressed) And in all of that do you have time for a personal life?

E: Married to Mrs. Right for ages. The perfect woman, Mrs. Right—I do whatever I want, and she always backs me up one thousand percent.

M: Indeed. So tell me, Dr. Vortex, just what is it that you do?

E: Let me share my mission statement with you, Mira:

“With all the powers vested in me, I am dedicated to the service of mankind by upholding the unique qualities of each precious individual and defending the right of each to exist in comfort and safety and pursue happiness in his or her own way.”

M: That sounds lovely, but I was looking for a more straightforward descript. . .

E: Okay, okay. I am here to protect the children of God after the Fall from Grace. I run interference for the separated ones.

M: That’s interesting. . . because I understand that the separation never actually occurred.

E: Minor detail. I am a service worker, doing whatever is necessary to help the children of God maintain their belief in being separate from Him. No job is too big or too small.

M: Could you elaborate on that?

E: I promote and support a way of thinking that ensures souls will see themselves as separate from God, and also one another. I’m like a drill sergeant and cheerleader to the decision-making process. I build soldiers and keep them focused on the fact that there is a contest, the stakes are huge, and not everyone can win. I remind my warriors that not winning is losing. I motivate my troops to fight, fight, fight to stay alive! Hold that line! Hit ‘em hard! I keep life units whipped up and at the top of their game. I’m also pretty damn entertaining—and I should be—I invented drama.

M: Could you be more specific please?

E: Oh, well—how do I love thee? Let me count the endless ways! I judge anything and everything such that you will feel you’re on the top of the heap. Do you have any idea how much work that takes? You couldn’t make it through a day without me!

M: (laughing) And there go the company manners. . . (sincerely) The way I hear it, the ego damns. You damn by tempting us to judge, which dams the flow of Love and Light through all who listen to your voice, stifling our energy and hiding our brilliance. You generate the fog that hides your plan of self-perpetuation and our own Light from us, and as we atrophy from our low self-misperception, you counsel us into more judgment that damns us further. You scour our dreams of separation from God for opportunities for projection, and as you whisper in our ears that you are here to help, you buy annuities, a condo on the beach, and lavish baubles and bangles for your mistress (Addiction) with the very energy that would heal us were we not giving it to you.

E: If I may borrow a phrase, remember you deal with the ego—cunning, baffling, and powerful.

M: Well, two out of three ain’t bad—because I wouldn’t be so sure about “powerful.” C’mon, dude, you’re just an idea. You are a mere wisp in the ethers—my thought that God is not here and my wish to be something other than what He created. You’re a lie. I can’t believe I’m actually interviewing you!

E: Uh, that’s “Doctor Dude” to you. And bite your tongue!

M: No thanks—I’m through hurting myself with you.

E: Really? I know it to be a fact that you personally—Mira—have partaken frequently and deeply of my services.

M: Yes, it is true that I have often allowed you to call the shots for me. But I will not allow guilt and shame about past mistakes to take me over and prevent me from practicing Love today. My Father sees that I never really left Home and holds my inheritance—my innocence—intact. What if I told you Fear doesn’t even exist?

E: I’d say look at my bank account.

M: And I’d say take another look at your currency, because it’s fake—absolutely worthless—just like everything you have ever bought with it. Only Love has value, because only Love is real, only Love is eternal. Fear can never pay out in Love. Fear is just the idea that Love is gone, which is preposterous and therefore ultimately powerless. The God of Love is omnipotent, omnipresent, and eternal.

E: Then I’d call my advisor. . . chew him out. . . and take a nap?—kind of fading here—not feeling all that well. . .

M: Let‘s put you to bed then.

E: Are you going to hurt me?

M: No, of course not. I’m going to let you quiet down, and then we’re going to have a sit down with my brother Jesus—just the three of us.

E: I thought I took care of him!

M: No, it was the other way around. . . . Anyway, Jesus and I will listen to your stories, one by one. We’ll give you our full attention, and Jesus will help me translate your stories into the language of Love. In this way, each story of yours will become ours. It’s a takeover, but not hostile. I guarantee it will be a good time for you. In between stories, you’ll just kick back and take it easy, kind of go into retirement. Do we have a deal?

E: mmmmmm. . . okay. . . I’m pretty tired. . . I could consider that. . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sweet dreams, with Peace and Love,

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3 Responses to “Interview with the Ego”
  1. Hi Carol,

    This interview with the ego is absolutely brilliant! Just from the viewpoint of fiction, you are very talented at creating dialog and “character,” not to mention symbolism.

    Metaphorically speaking, you deserve an  A+ and  your interview should be read to the entire class .

    Love and a hug, Lynne



    • miracarroll says:

      Thank you, Lynne! You know what they say–“write what you know.” I have had the opportunity to study the ego “up close and personal”–and lived to tell about it. 🙂
      Love and a hug, Mira


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