All things are possible, BUT. . .

that does not mean we can make happen any thing we desire.  God’s Will is Love and always for the greater good of all His Children.  The “greater good of all” comprises a complex plan in constant flux, responsive to infinite twists and turns from countless free will actions.  Think of it as a huge tilt maze in which the greater “Hand of God” is always correcting any short-sighted free will choices so we will end up in the right place.  Even though God’s plan is so vast as to be inconceivable to us in its details, we need not worry—The Creator of All That Is has this earth thing covered!  God’s Will of Love is always leading us back toward remembrance of the Reality of our Oneness with Him in the best way possible given what seems to be in that moment and given the greater “goals” of the involved souls.  These greater goals are also frequently called the “soul’s plan.”

We are indeed powerful creators made in the image of God, but God’s Will trumps our individual creative will any time.  It’s like having the freedom to paint anywhere and anything on a canvas, but we can’t paint on thin air due to the nature of paint and air.  We have no power to create outside God’s Will of Love; everything we imagine we make in that realm is illusory (and therefore forgivable).  Our creative task is to align with God’s Will in our particular way—to paint anywhere and anything our hearts desire on the canvas.  Happiness is always within reach, regardless of circumstances, because happiness derives from peace, which is our natural inheritance.  We simply have to choose it.  So, my dear, dear co-hearts, on the topic of “manifesting your desires” to “find happiness,” GET OVER IT!

The Soul’s Plan

So what does “all things are possible” really mean?  The field of infinite possibility is true—anything IS possible.  The world of form arises from thought and is infinitely malleable.  But instead of manifesting whatever we come up with from the place of personal or self-centered desire, we will synergistically manifest what we need to fulfill our soul’s plan about in proportion to our present ability to fulfill our soul’s plan.  In other words, the more we are ready to perform our mission, the more things will fall into place.  And remember in the big picture of God’s Will, even setbacks, foul-ups and seeming lack of supply ultimately fulfill some purpose in our soul’s plan.  For example, a setback often creates conditions that better prepare us to eventually carry out the plan.  Our soul’s plan IS in alignment with God’s Will and will not only further our re- membrance of the enlightenment we never truly left, it will also further God’s Will on earth.

I choose the second place to gain the first.  There is no will but Yours.

(A Course in Miracles, Workbook Lesson 328)

Open-Hearted Acceptance

As co-creators we are called to demonstrate something even more difficult, beautiful and amazing than to manifest our self-centered desires: we are called to bring our full open-hearted desire to the table of manifestation, work our donkeys off and accept the results with love and gratitude.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Sometimes the results will be exactly what we envisioned—masterful—and will evoke joy, satisfaction and ownership of our creative power.  At other times the results will challenge us and perhaps feel unfair, frustrating, even punitive.  One of the lessons we are learning is when to “hold ‘em” and when to “fold ‘em”—when to act and when to let things be—when to paddle and when to drift.  You know, the Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.

Part of the “wisdom” is trust in God’s Will.  We need to accept drifting.

If some desire we are working to accomplish is not happening, there are two basic possibilities:

  • timing is off: we’re not yet ready to manifest this particular desire
  • content is off: this desire does not fit within our soul’s plan and/or God’s Will

This is nothing to get upset about!  “This, or something better” is a wise mantra where our desires are concerned.  As long as we are doing our healing and spiritual work and following that with “groundwork”—the next earthly action steps—all is well.  Lack of manifestation does not mean we’re “not good enough.”  It does not mean we are being punished or put in our (small) place.  We don’t need another book or class on “manifestation.”  “Ask” and “believe”  result in a “receive” that fits into the larger framework of our soul’s plan and God’s Will.  We must be able to see infinite possibilities without attachment to particulars.  We must continually align with what is from a place of peace.  Thy Will be done.

Pray into Alignment

So with our desires as a road map and leaving the destination to God’s Will, how can we use prayer to help us along the way?  To set the tone to receive guidance, to bring our personal energy into alignment with higher energies.  For example, before a bodywork session I pray to several entities/ energies/ Servants of the Light.  I invoke their energies to guide me and will to be an open channel for God’s Love and healing.  Each entity is highly symbolic for me:

  • Jesus – mastery over this world and the Universal Master of Forgiveness, the cure for projection and separation.
  • Mother Mary – unconditional love and a healing container, the “womb” of all things are possible.
  • Mary Magdalene – commraderie, a “boost,” the force of upliftment, the energy of “I healed, so can you.”
  • Quan Yin – complete compassion for all things, conditions, actions and experiences.
  • Archangel Michael – cuts the cord with his electric blue sword, facilitates disconnection from all that is “not love.”
  • Archangel Uriel – mental healing, shifts in consciousness, transmutation of pain into the awareness of and choice for love.
  • Archangel Rafael – name means “God Heals,” the patron and protector of healers and those in need of healing.
  • My angels (guardians and others who support me and my work)
  • The recipient’s angels (guardians and others)
  • My Kahunas, my ohana – the great soul family of healers and the lineage of Sacred Lomi practitioners past and present

Whose energy would you invoke as you do the soul work of your life?  Free will requires us to ask.  We’re always asking for things unconsciously; part of healing and reclaiming our creative power is bringing the asking into conscious awareness and choice.  So ask Servants of the Light to help you.  Help them help you.  And let the answers be.

With Peace and Love,

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