Waken in Me a Gratitude for My Life

A dear friend sent me this beautiful poem about the journey of spiritual healing that is just too good not to share. I LOVE these brilliant lines characterizing God:

“disturber of the assured,

assurer of the disturbed;

destroyer of illusions,

creator of dreams;”

As a student of A Course in Miracles I will add the understanding that, although God is our Father/Creator, He is not responsible for the dark side of duality. “Darkness” and “death” are false ideas made by the ego mind—the part of our consciousness that wants to usurp the authority of God by “proving” we can be separate from All That Is. Sounds silly when you say it out loud, doesn’t it? But much of the time we are operating from this premise of separation and correcting THAT is what healing is really all about.

Pray this powerful prayer out loud. When I do, I omit “and darkness, death” and add the two words [in brackets] near the end.

Waken in Me a Gratitude for My Life from Guerrillas of Grace by Ted Loder

O God, complete the work you have begun in me.

Release me through

a flow of mercy and gentleness that will bring

water where there is desert,

healing where there is hurt,

peace where there is violence,

beauty where there is ugliness,

justice where there is brokenness,

beginnings where there are dead-ends.

Waken in me

gratitude for my life,

love for every living thing,

joy in what is human and holy,

praise for you.

Renew my faith that you are God

beyond my grasp

but within my reach;

past my knowing

but within my searching;

disturber of the assured,

assurer of the disturbed;

destroyer of illusions,

creator of dreams;

source of silence and music,

sex and solitude,

light and darkness,

death and life.

O Keeper of Promises,

composer of grace,

grant me

glee in my blood,

prayer in my heart,

trust at my core,

songs for my journey,

and a sense of [belonging in] your kingdom.

~ ~ ~

May you live in peace, love, joy, trust and gratitude for your life.

With Love and Light,

Mira Carroll


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