Independence Day

Since the Course came through the Americans Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford, I wondered if Jesus included a special lesson for us on Independence Day.  He did:

I want the peace of God.

(A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 185)

The lesson says that if we really wanted the peace of God, and only the peace of God, we would have it because it is already ours.  Instead we think we ask sincerely for the peace of God, but in practice are saying, “I want the peace of God AND I want ________.”  That “and” prevents us from experiencing the peace of God already dwelling within us.  Or we forget the peace of God entirely, just seeking other things we want.

Jesus asks, “What do you ask for in your heart?”  The answer creates a useful tool to reframe any desire we become attached to moment by moment.  We simply ask,

“Do I want _________ or do I choose Heaven and the peace of God?”

Filling in the blank, one of my reviews looked like this:

  • a particular person’s love and respect
  • the love and respect of others in general
  • breakfast now
  • money to maintain and grow my lifestyle and attractiveness
  • health to maintain and grow my lifestyle and attractiveness
  • to reach my destination feeling unimpeded
  • my appointment to start on time
  • a cheese pizza
  • to be entertained
  • sweetness
  • to be shown right by apology

Note that we are welcome to our desires, just not the attachment to them.  Attachment places us at odds with what is, so cannot coexist with peace.  If my peace is shattered when my desire is not fulfilled, I did not have peace.  I had addiction.

I see that I am called in each moment to let go of what I think I want in order to receive what I truly want, the peace of God.  I see that this is a choice I must make again and again, until I have let go of my attachment to anything else ENTIRELY.  Each time I let go I achieve independence from the illusion—the story of the hero of the dream and its needs.  The day I learn to do this perfectly is my Independence Day, and ours.

Peace and Love,

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