Love IS The Answer

Love IS The Answer. Divine Love is “it.” This is good news because Love has been placed inside of us where we can never really lose it—Love is literally who we are.

The ego attempts to distract and derail us with “special love,” often romantic love, the “love” that needs, yearns and attempts to control. Special love is a prime example of how everything in the world (except complete forgiveness) can be slanted and put in the service of good or evil, light or dark, healing or death, freedom or imprisonment.

Specialness is the great dictator of the wrong decisions.

(A Course in Miracles Text, Chapter 24.I.5:1)

. . . an unholy relationship is based on differences, where each one thinks the other has what he has not. They come together, each to complete himself and rob the other. They stay until they think that there is nothing left to steal, and then move on. . . .

A holy relationship starts from a different premise. Each one has looked within and seen no lack. Accepting his completion, he would extend it by joining with another, whole as himself. He sees no difference between these selves, for differences are only of the body. Therefore, he looks on nothing he would take. He denies not his own reality, because it is the truth. . . . this relationship has Heaven’s holiness.

(ACIM Text, Chapter 22, “Introduction”)

In a holy relationship, when I love you unconditionally, in the manner of Divine Love, I truly see you. I relate to you, not my image of you. I allow you to be authentic and give you room to live out your purpose, which includes room to heal. I see YOU instead of focusing on all the ways that you can fit MY agenda, prop ME up and serve MY purposes. I allow YOU to unfold instead of attempting to control you. I show up with the intention of sharing Love, not defining you and trading favors.

An idol is an image of your brother that you would value more than what he is.

(ACIM Text, Chapter 29.VIII.1:6)

The phenomenon of music, this great uplifter, healer and salve to a sad and weary world, is loaded with beautiful love songs that twist and conflict with healing purpose, songs that degrade Love Divine into special love. Special love strokes us into a contented stupor until, through loss or conflict, the edge emerges and its razor cuts. Special love’s agreement is always “I need you to be what I need.” Love songs are usually about special love and are anthems to codependency. But with a shift of perspective and slight adjustments to the lyrics, many love songs can be redeemed into true messages of Love and inspiration. I See You, the theme from Avatar (performed by by Leona Lewis), is just one example:

I see You (“You” meaning God, the Holy Spirit, the Creator, the Supreme Being, etc.)

Walking through a dream, I see You

My Light in darkness, breathing hope of new life

Now I live through You and You [truly enchant me] through me, enchanting

I pray in my heart that this [peace] dream never ends

I see me through Your eyes

Breathing new life, flying high

Your Love shines the way into paradise

So I offer my life [without a price] as a sacrifice

I live through Your Love

You teach me how to see all that’s beautiful

My senses touch a world I never pictured

Now I give my hope to You, I surrender

I pray in my heart that this [peace] world never ends

I see me through Your eyes

Breathing new life, flying high

Your Love shines the way into paradise

So I offer my life, I offer my love, for You

When my heart was never open

(And my spirit never free)

To the world that You have shown me

But my eyes could not envision

All the colors of Love and of Life Evermore


(I see me through Your eyes)

I see me through Your eyes

(Living new life, flying high)

Flying high

Your Love shines the way into paradise

So I offer my life [without a price] as a sacrifice

And live through Your Love

And live through Your Life

I see You

I See You (Theme from Avatar) by Simon Franglen, Thaddis Harrell, James Horner. Lyrics substantially changed are noted with a strikethrough and my new words are [in brackets.]

You can transform your most beloved songs of codependency into theme songs of Peace, Love and Joy. The promise of heavenly existence described in I See You is exactly what awaits us when we look for Love first with the Holy Spirit. Thus we are nourished and sustained. Our cups run over with Love, and from this place we are free to share Love with others. In sharing Love, our identification with the Love that we are is strengthened.

Have faith in only this one thing, and it will be sufficient:

God wills you be in Heaven,

and nothing can keep you from it or it from you.

Your wildest misperceptions, your weird imaginings,

your blackest nightmares all mean nothing.

They will not prevail against the peace God wills for you.

(ACIM Text, Chapter 13.XI.7:1-3)

God dwells within, and your completion lies in Him. No idol takes His place.

Look not to idols. Do not seek outside yourself.

(ACIM Text, Chapter 29.VII.6:3-6)

With Love and Light,

Mira Carroll

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