Ears to Hear Part II: Letting Go of Words

My first impulse was to not write about this topic at all, to avoid “controversy.” I recognize that there are many paths back home to God, and A Course in Miracles is just one of them. The curriculum—the content of the teachings—”removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence” is required of humanity, one way or another. We WILL remember who we are and reclaim our true nature of love and only love. But how and when we choose to remember is a matter of free will in the face of opportunity.

Some people take exception to the language of the Course. It sounds too Christian, too fundamentalist, too male, AND sometimes it’s not that easy to understand either. Furthermore, A Course in Miracles is not a “quick-fix feel-good.” Instead, it leads us with slow deliberation through the buried pain and overlooked anger and resentment in our nooks and corners, not avoiding the dark, unpretty places. So it’s not uncommon for people investigate ACIM to some degree and then let it go.

I was almost one of those people. I had heard tremendous things about the Course—how inspiring the message was, how it was deeply spiritual and yet not a religion and how practicing it really WORKED. So I bought the book and went to a few lectures, and there I encountered the “Christian” language and references (Christ, Holy Spirit, Atonement, Savior, Holy Relationship, discussing the crucifixion, etc.), the “male” references (Son, the Sonship, He, His) and, well, any philosophy that relied on that kind of language HAD to be fundamentalist, didn’t it? I felt uncomfortable and wondered what I was getting myself into. If I was anything, I was a free thinker. I did NOT want to be a glassy-eyed dogma-mumbling cultist.

Thankfully (and I would now say by the Grace of God and through the Holy Spirit), one Course phrase loomed large in my mind: 

Would you rather be right or happy?

The concept of practicing the ideal of openness and surrender rang “capital T” True and had such great significance for me at that time that it carried me until I understood that the words the Course uses don’t matter. Words are just tools to help us find and embrace healing. The fact that this collection of seemingly “Christian, fundamentalist, sexist, hard-to-understand” words pushed my emotional buttons pointed to MY healing opportunity, one that I obviously NEEDED.

Words can be helpful, particularly for the beginner, in helping concentration and facilitating the exclusion or at least the control of extraneous thoughts. Let us not forget, however, that words are but symbols of symbols. They are thus twice removed from reality. (A Course in Miracles Urtext M 22 A 1)

No one is required to choose A Course in Miracles as their personal spiritual path. But it IS rich with healing, and the way of “complete forgiveness” taught therein is the fastest, surest and most efficient use of free will for healing yet known. Practicing forgiveness in this way collapses karma and time. So, dear brother, I invite you to consider not dismissing the Course on the basis of language. May you have ears to hear. 

There is a peace that Christ bestows on us. . .

all the world departs in silence as this peace envelops it,

and gently carries it to truth, no more to be the home of fear.

(ACIM Workbook Lesson 305)

Love and Light,

Mira Carroll


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6 Responses to “Ears to Hear Part II: Letting Go of Words”
  1. Quakers in Britain do this. Some of us believe in God, some do not. We have stopped quibbling about Christian language, and accept that the word God means something, even if we do not know what it means, certainly not in a Creedal sense.


    • miracarroll says:

      Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Clare.


      • Donna says:

        Thank you so much Carol for this post and all of the insights that you share. I too get a little glassy-eyed studying the Course but you know what….I have it by my bed which tells me that my Soul knows the depth of ACIM teachings. When I was in my 20’s I was “mysteriously” drawn to a series of little blue books channeled by someone named Alice Bailey. I now own most of the Bailey books and frankly only understand maybe 1% of the Tibetan’s words but you know what…there’s one always on my nightstand so I know that my Soul recognizes the work. I just ordered ACIM workbook and will absorb whatever I can. I also want to thank you for mentioning Michael Midrad in your recent blog. I followed the link to his website and just “happened” to be in the area on my way back from the Big island (via Phoenix) so I made an appt. to see him. iMuch that has been lightened by this session with Michael and i feel once again, trusting your intuition is always the right thing to do. Keep writing and sharing your words of wisdom! Namaste…Donna (your Ashi graduate pen pal)


        • miracarroll says:

          P.S. Donna–You will probably find the ACIM Workbook very accessible and easier to understand. Doing the workbook is truly the key to receiving the gifts of the teachings. Many blessings for your journey.


  2. miracarroll says:

    Donna, thank you for your comments and encouragement. Intuition rocks! So glad to hear that you followed your intuition to Michael as sessions with him are VERY powerful indeed. I pray that all is welll in your beautiful ashi-world in Telluride! Namaste. ❤ ❤ ❤


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