Doing Time

Oneness means oneness. We are all prisoners of our unhappy thoughts until we learn the work of forgiveness. The core issue feeding our unhappy thoughts is the first loss—the idea that we have become separated from peace—from Love—from God. This core loss manifests again and again in our lives in myriad forms, from simply losing the air in our lungs with each outbreath to losing our loved ones to death. Some of us manifest an extreme loss of bodily freedom—a literal prison with fences and guards. Specific details differ, but we are unified in loss because we are the One Child of The God of Love in a world where God seems not to be. However, God created a map for healing that leads us to remember we are still at home with Him in perfect Oneness. This is the universal work of forgiveness—the work that sets us free and can be accomplished by any willing soul anywhere. 

God is indeed your strength, and what He gives is truly given. This means that you can receive it any time and anywhere, wherever you are and in whatever circumstances you find yourself. Your passage through time and space is not random. You cannot but be in the right place at the right time. Such is the strength of God. Such are His gifts.

(A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 42, “God is my strength. Vision is His gift.”)

We heal all loss by choosing love now, in the present moment. Our happiness is not dependent upon external circumstances. Our happiness evolves in each moment we choose to connect with the peace that reigns within us always—a peace that is our inheritance from our Father. Despite this divine birthright, each of us has constructed various prisons with our thoughts, and we allow these prisons to contain us. Anger would seem to be a most formidable fortress, but even anger dissolves into nothingness under a deluge of love. The nuclear crisis in the wake of Japan’s tsunami demonstrates the strategy needed for dealing with anger: we MUST cool down our reactors and prevent radiation leakage from damaging humankind. Anger is contamination. Water is the cooling, fluid energy of love. Forgiveness is the clean-up crew.

All healing is forgiveness. Forgiveness is seeing with acceptance, through the eyes of Love. We forgive whatever is in front of us that seems to have stolen our peace. Even when our stories are complicated and it appears that we have been grievously wronged, forgiveness unravels our pain and restores us to peace. And as we forgive that which seems to have been done to us, we lay to rest our judgments against ourselves. In this way God works through all things for our good. 

As sight [human perception] was made to lead away from truth, it can be redirected. Sounds become the call for God, and all perception can be given a new purpose by the One Whom God appointed Savior to the world [The Holy Spirit]. Follow His Light, and see the world as He beholds it. Hear His Voice alone in all that speaks to you. And let Him give you peace and certainty, which you have thrown away, but Heaven has preserved for you in Him. 

(ACIM Workbook, Part II, 3. “What Is the World?”)

 Dear One, can you see how you have been given the gift of time for healing? How will you choose to use it?

If you accept your function in the world of time as HEALING, you will emphasize ONLY the aspect of time in which healing can occur. For healing CANNOT be accomplished in the past, and MUST be accomplished in the present to RELEASE the future. THIS interpretation ties the future to the present, and EXTENDS THE PRESENT, rather than the past. But if you interpret your function as DESTRUCTION, you will lose sight of the present, and hold on to the past TO ENSURE A DESTRUCTIVE FUTURE. And time WILL be as you interpret it, for OF ITSELF it IS nothing.

(ACIM Urtext, T 12 D 10)

Love and Light,

Mira Carroll Purchase hard copy Sample or purchase Healing Loss eBook

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Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved

This essay appears as an afterward for The End of Reincarnation and The Five Signs, at the invitation of author Joseph Wolfe, Spirit Light Outreach.


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