Love Letter to my Beloved-in-Waiting

Dear One,

I am deeply grateful that we finally found our way to each other. How can I thank you for waiting for me to become ready to truly be in spiritual relationship with you? I know that “together” will be the best time in our lives BECAUSE we came prepared for each other and open to the gifts of this relationship. Not perfect, but prepared.

Graphic My BelovedI LOVE you. I so easily see your majesty, even in your inglorious moments.  I pray that I can show you how to see it, too.

Thank you for the gift that you are to me! I am so grateful that we share a love of God and healing.  I am grateful that you love me, although sometimes I have trouble believing it.  (I’m working on that!)  I’m grateful that you accept and respect me and can see past tradition into THIS relationship.

May I understand and act upon the Truth that each and every person before me, every day on earth, IS my Dear One. And so am I.

Peace and Love, I AM,

Your Beloved

~ ~ ~

With Peace, Love and Light,
Mira Carroll

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5 Responses to “Love Letter to my Beloved-in-Waiting”
  1. miracarroll says:

    With love and appreciation for Judith Lukomski of , who suggests 10 ways to say “I love you,” which include writing a love letter to your beloved, whether you actually have one or not.


  2. rebelsprite says:

    I hope your beloved-in-waiting finds you soon…. 🙂

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  3. Lynne Matous says:

    According to Sufi tradition, in all of Creation there are only two (Lover and Beloved), which two in truth are One. Both aspects of the One (Lover and Beloved) are found within everyone and mirrored without in everyone, so everyone is my Lover/Beloved at the level of the heart/mind.Your tender love letter (above) shares this mystical awareness.

    Some Sufi poets refer to the Lover/Beloved that is One as the Friend, which reminds me of a poem I wrote a few days ago, when considering this sacred union we all share in truth. It’s titled “Everyone”:


    are God’s hand
    reaching out to us
    drying a tear
    you’re never
    separation is not real
    for I’m still here
    you are one with Me
    as I am with You

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    • miracarroll says:

      Yes, Lynne! “Ishq Allah Mahabud Líllah” – The Spirit is at once The Lover, The Beloved and Love Itself. How apt (and helpful) to call the One “Friend.”

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem and the Voice of Spirit in this space.


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