Forgiveness: The Post Office Delivers

I got more than just stamps at the post office today. I got healing. I was given Love Forever. Does that surprise you? Please read on.

I stood in line to buy stamps, rather than buy them from the machine, because I had another little piece of business with the post office. Nine months prior I had paid for a third post office box key—for my convenience. I was told it would be ordered and placed in the box in about 6 weeks. The new key never showed. While waiting in line I scanned the display of the various stamps available. I selected some pretty stamps featuring white roses that said “Forever” on them. Roses are a symbol for love. White roses signify innocence, purity, reverence, humility and heaven.

When I got my turn at the counter I asked for the “Forever” stamps and was handed some depicting the American flag. When I said I meant the rose stamps, I was corrected like an irresponsible child who wouldn’t bother to try to follow proper procedures. “You have to SAY which ones you want or THIS is what you get!” Really?!!!, I thought, defenses rising. But out loud I just apologized and asked if the stamps could be exchanged. They could. Then I was referred to another person about the key, from whom I learned that I had never received the key because I was not “allowed” to have more than two keys for my post office box. Really?!!!, I thought again. Of course there was a form to fill out for my refund.

Leaving my negative remarks unvoiced and feeling angry as I left, I kept thinking “no wonder the post office is going under.” My inner teenager was rolling her eyes, shaking her head and considering a very flashy nose ring. But even as I was focusing on how “they” were wrong, I knew I was wrong and needed to re-orient my thoughts to healing. This common and seemingly benign judgment of the post office system that so many people would agree with did NOT feel good, not one little bit. So what was REALLY bothering me about this encounter?

Here’s the root, the core, the energy that I found so annoying:

  1. Projecting Responsibility (Customer is NOT right—clerk used offense as a defense and made me wrong for asking for stamps the wrong way.)
  2. Wasting Time (I spent time ordering and looking for a key, then wondering why I didn’t have it, then scheduling the time to find out why and deal with the result. I invested considerable energy in this phantom key!)
  3. Red Tape and Rules Out of Touch with Reality (I trust this is familiar enough to need no explanation.)

If I want to use this situation for my own healing I have to examine how I might be expressing these very energies in my present life. And if I am not now projecting responsibility, wasting time and making red tape and rules that are out of touch with reality, how have I done so in the past? The fact that these three issues are in my awareness in a way that is not peaceful NOW means that I have not fully forgiven myself for harboring the same energies at some point in the past. So through this experience I have an opportunity—a forgiveness opportunity.

Before I take a few minutes with the Mastery Forgiveness Process (from my book Healing Loss: Choose Love Now) for each of the three issues, I look within to find my personal link to these energies. Undoubtedly there are numerous times that I have projected responsibility, wasted time and established out-of-touch rules and red tape, but this is not how I live my life today. I give myself a few more moments of calm, introspective searching to be sure. Seeing the present clear of these manifestations, I turn to the past in a quiet, loving manner and the information rushes in.

  1. In the earlier days of my healing journey I projected plenty of responsibility: I blamed my parents for my unhappiness, depression, eating disorder and alcoholism. It took years as a student of A Course in Miracles and a lot of deeper emotional and spiritual healing work before I was able to give up this energy of blame.
  2. I “wasted” a huge amount of time getting wasted—I was an active alcoholic (albeit “high-functioning”) for about 15 of the 20 years I drank. And every time I turned to alcohol I delayed my own growth and healing around whatever issue was at hand. I even delayed my emotional maturation. Thus I also “wasted” many healing opportunities.
  3.  I am no stranger to ridiculous “rules out of touch with reality.” My sick, unrealistic expectations of myself when I was anorexic and bulimic could only be described as such. In fact I once was a master of ridiculous rules out of touch with reality.

Through an everyday annoyance and just a few moments of soul-searching I was now aware of three specific things for which I needed to forgive myself. None are part of my life today and so they seem safely tucked away in a past that is over and can touch me not. But my experience with the post office is telling me otherwise, and I am wise to listen. By giving careful attention to my daily life experiences and emotions I am led through my own healing.

So I connect with each energy (projecting responsibility, wasting time and rules out of touch with reality) and quietly walk myself through the Mastery Forgiveness Process:

  1. Loving the energy, I accept it as my own. Then I explicitly forgive myself for having it and forgive my judgment of myself. Everything that is not love is the call for love, including my mistakes. I choose again—compassion instead of judgment.
  2. I turn my attention to whatever it was “out there” that seemed to upset me. I forgive it/them for temporarily embodying the energy. I ask to see their innocence and whatever underlies their choice to harbor and express the energy.
  3. With this new understanding and insight I choose again, compassion instead of judgment and reaction. I ask that God’s Will be done through me, and give thanks for the healing that has been so elegantly and lovingly delivered.

Now from a higher perspective I can again choose to see that, through perception, I am always responsible for my experience. I can see that time is never wasted (everything takes whatever time it takes) and time isn’t Real anyway. I can see that any inflexible rule is out of touch with reality and merely a symptom of fear, which is in turn just a reflection of the collective and erroneous belief in our separation from God.

Your peace is with me, Father. I am safe.
(A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 245)

This is how forgiveness heals lives. As the Course promises, we sacrifice nothing. As we offer forgiveness, we reclaim peace, love, innocence, purity, reverence, humility and heaven—gifts from our Father forever. When we make the practice of complete forgiveness a priority in our lives, God delivers—sometimes through the post office!

Love and Light,

Mira Carroll

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